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Medical Student Program

Students participating in an anesthesia procedural skills workshop.Welcome to the Department of Anesthesiology student courses and activities! We hope you find time to rotate in one of our many courses, participate as an extern, or come to one of our Anesthesia Interest Group meetings. You can find information on each of these below. 

Whether you’re trying to decide on anesthesiology as a career or you have chosen to pursue a different specialty altogether, rotating with the anesthesia department will provide an invaluable experience that you’ll be able to draw from throughout your practice of medicine.  

If you choose to rotate through one of our courses, you would have the opportunity to gain experience with procedures such as airway management and line placement. You would also gain a better understanding of both perioperative and critical care medicine in a wide variety of patient populations: geriatrics, adults, pediatrics and obstetrics, all of which have their own anesthetic implications. 

Useful Links

 ASA Medical Student Component Page:

ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists) Student Member (cost $10):

 OSA (Oklahoma Society of Anesthesiologists) Student Member (cost $5):


Welcome to the OUMC Anesthesiology Externship! This program was founded to give medical students an opportunity to gain more experience in the field of Anesthesiology, interact with the residents and faculty one-on-one and earn some money in the process.

Extern Handbook

Externship Videos

Anesthesiology Interest Group

The Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG) is a student run, faculty supervised, interest group with several purposes. It serves to promote Anesthesiology as a specialty as well as an education avenue for medical students to learn more about the specialty. Partially as a result of this exposure among the students, the OU Department of Anesthesiology receives a high status of respect and is prominent during third year rotations, externships and specialty decision making.

The AIG conducts four to five meetings per school year, open to the entire College of Medicine, though mostly attended by first and second year students, due to the schedule conflicts of the third and fourth year. The general format of the meeting is a luncheon provided by the group, with a guest speaker to present about a particular area or concentration of Anesthesiology. In the first meeting, Dr. Jane Fitch gives an introductory presentation to the year, talks on the specialty as a whole, and focuses on academic medicine. Other meetings include private practice physicians, or specialized anesthesiologist. The final meeting of the year is an open forum board of MS4’s who recently matched in Anesthesiology, to answer questions for first, second and third year medical students about the match process.

MS-1, MS-2 Research Opportunities

For additional opportunities to pursue clinical experiences in research, please complete the Professional Enrichment INDT form and return to the College of Medicine Office of Student affairs, BSEB 103.

Professional Enrichment (INDT 8001)

Additional Forms/Courses Needed to Rotate:

  • Meditech Access Request
  • OU Medical Center Rotating Resident/Student Information Form
  • IRB/CITI Training for Research

For more information contact:

Brady Watson
(405) 271-4351 ext. 55511

Medical Student Courses

ANES 9110: Anesthesia Selective

Weeks: 2
Not Available July A, August A-June B 
Limited Availability: July B

INDT 9403-101: Anesthesiology Sub-Internship

Weeks: 4
Prerequisites: Anesthesiology Selective (ANES 9110)
Course Description: These courses will expose the studetns to 5 possible sections of Anesthesia:

  • Adult Clinical 
  • Pain 
  • Pediatric 
  • Private Practice Community 

Each student will work along side faculty and residents within our department and gain insight into some of the expanded applications of Anesthesiology. The students will follow assigned patients from preoperative evaluation through convalenscence under the supervision of residents and faculty members.

INDT 9404-101: Anesthesiology Research

Weeks: 4
Prerequisites: Anesthesiology Selective (ANES 9110)
Course Description: Students will work under the supervision of a faculty member to complete reearch and write a publishable article about a predetermined subject.

Students must have a predetermined faculty mentor and research topic prior to beginning this course. Assistance can be provided by the department, but this must occur well in advance of anticipated course start date.

INDT 9405-101: Anesthesiology Off Campus

Weeks: 4
Max Enroll: Form Required For Enrollment
Not available in May
Prerequisites: Anesthesiology Selective (ANES 9110)
Course Description:  An off-campus elective is defined as work not at the Health Sciences Center, College of Medicine-Tulsa, or in a formally affiliated hospital; nor under the direct supervision of a member of the full-time faculty of the College of Medicine. A statement from the course director of the proposed elective concerning the supervision and grading of student's experience and a detailed course description of the proposed elective are required.

INDT 9406-101: Anesthesiology Special Study

Weeks: 4
Max Enroll: Requires Special Study Form For Enrollment
Prerequisites: Anesthesiology Selective (ANES 9110)
Course Description: May be repeated with change of subject matter. Topics of special nature or of unusual interest to the individual student.




Brady Watson
Medical Student Program Coordinator
405-271-4351  ext 55511