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Resident Life

The residents are actively engaged in multiple clinics throughout the week which offer a broad spectrum of experience. The chief residents are responsible for setting the schedule and approving changes.

Thank A Resident Day! 2020

Residents: Dr. Andee Gower, Dr. Rasheen Imtiaz, Dr. Justin McLawhorn, Dr. Ngoc Nguyen, Dr. Chelsea Meltzer, Dr. Kara Reardon, and Assistant Program Director, Dr. Jarad Levin.

Resident Clinics:

Full-time faculty as well as volunteer community dermatologists supervise these general dermatology clinics at the OU Dermatology Department.


Five pediatric clinic sessions are supervised by fellowship trained pediatric dermatologist located in the OU Children's Hospital.


OU Dermatology offers a variety of surgical clinics within the Department and the VA. Residents gain experience in complex surgical excisions/repairs and Mohs surgery.


There are two half-day clinics on Thursdays dedicated solely to cosmetic dermatology. Residents actively participate in many procedures including lasers, Botulinum Toxin injections, dermal fillers, sclerotherapy, Fraxel and microdermabrasion. All residents get significant exposure to these clinics and your time in these clinics can be tailored to your level of interest.

VA & Transplant Clinics:

Five clinic sessions are held at the OKC Veteran's Hospital including general, surgical and transplant clinics supervised by faculty and community dermatologists. This provides a great deal of continuity care over the course of your residency.

Residents participate in the Transplant Clinic to gain exposure to skin diseases in immunosupressed patients. This also provides an excellent venue for honing your skills in general skin examinations and patient education.

Dermatopathology Rotation:

Dedicated annual away rotation with dermatopathologists in Tulsa, OK.

Protected Time:

Although not guaranteed, protected time may be given as the resident schedule allows. Protected time is spend on campus and utilized for scholarly projects and patient follow-ups.


Every month, residents volunteer at a free dermatology clinic for indigent patients from the area under the supervision of a volunteer community dermatologist.


Beginning at 7:30 a.m.

 Mon: Unknown Dermpath
 Tue:   Dermpath
 Wed: Textbook Conference
 Thur: Grand Rounds/Morhpologic Conference/M&M
           Faculty Lectures
           Board Review
           *Evening Journal Club on a Monthly basis

Additional Information:

Our department is a standalone building that houses the majority of general dermatology and cosmetic as well as our surgery center. The administrative and academic/faculty offices are also located within the building. This allows for effective communication between residents, faculty and staff. The Department building is conveniently located in walking distance to the VA, OU Children's Hospital and OU Medical Center.

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