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Research Curriculum

Internal medicine residents at the University of Oklahoma are given resources, education, mentorship and time to participate in research at various levels throughout their training, regardless of research background.
Our Research Curriculum, headed by Dr. Gabe Vidal, is divided into two parts. During the fall semester, all residents are exposed to a series of introductory lectures to clinical research. The goal is to expose all residents to the basics of research and resources available on campus. In the spring semester, residents have the opportunity to participate in small group sessions designed in a partnership with the Hudson College of Public Health. These sessions allow residents to have a more in-depth look into biostatistics and epidemiology.
Residents who choose to complete a research elective month are paired with a research mentor in an area of their choosing. The goal is to provide longitudinal mentorship on projects that will ultimately lead to publications. Residents and their faculty mentors have access to the Oklahoma Shared Clinical and Translational Resources (OSCTR) (hyperlink: and the Biostatistics and Epidemiology Research Design and Analysis Center (BSE RDAC) (hyperlink: These Centers/Cores are able to provide research services that can further a resident's career and scholarly performance.

Systematic Review Curriculum

Interns and residents invested in research and interested in conducting a systematic review can apply to be part of the Systematic Review Curriculum (SRC). Based out of the Department of Cardiovascular Disease and headed by Dr. Zain Asad, the goal of the SRC is to educate residents on evidence synthesis methods and provide them with research opportunities to implement their newly learned skills. Prior clinical research experience is not a requirement to apply.

If selected to participate in the SRC, categorical residents and interns are granted a research month elective in which they learn how to perform systematic reviews and meta-analysis. Though collaboration with Dr. Jessica Reese at the OU Hudson College of Public Health (hyperlink: and Shari Clifton at Robert M Bird Health Sciences Library (, residents select a topic for a systematic review, attend didactic lectures, and complete assignments focused on conducting systematic research and meta-analysis. Through this “hands-on” approach, residents learn research methods that they are able to directly apply to their mentored research project.