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News and Videos

Tour the Campus

Please join current GI fellows, Dr. Maham Hayat and Dr. Karl Mareth as they
take you on a tour of our campus and discuss the GI Fellowship Program.  GI
fellows, Drs. Zaid Hanafi, Blair Kirkpatrick, and Vincent Petros are also
featured in the video above, to tell you about the program.


Meet the Fellows

Dr. Vincent Petros (PGY6)

Co-Chief for 2020-2021     


Dr. Muhammad Hanafi (PGY6)

Co-Chief for 2020-2021  


Dr. Karl Mareth (PGY5)

Dr. Blair Kirkpatrick (PGY5)

Dr. Evgeny Idrisov (PGY5)

Dr. Maham Hayat (PGY4)


 Dr. Hashroop Gurm (PGY4)
Dr. Justin Kosirog (PGY4)