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Learning Environment

Academy of Teaching Scholars


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The curriculum is designed to cover the breadth of pediatrics and fully prepare residents for board certification. Lectures are provided by pediatric faculty, outside faculty, and allied health professionals. Emphasis is placed on an active learning philosophy. In addition to covering medical knowledge competency requirements, the curriculum also provides detailed presentations encompassing areas, such as patient care, professionalism, communication skills, practice-based learning, and systems-based practice.

Coaching Program


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A pediatric attending conducts daily teaching rounds. Residents are exposed to a wide range of diagnoses, creating an opportunity to learn about both common pediatric diseases and complex diagnostic challenges.



We have developed, and continue to adjust, our curriculum to meet the diverse needs of our residents and their future patients. Our world-class faculties are dedicated to teaching the next generation of physicians and researchers.

Clinical Skills Education & Testing Center


The Clinical Skills Education and Testing Center (CSETC) is a 22,000-square-foot facility at the OU Health Sciences Center where students and practicing clinicians engage in simulation to enhance their skills in patient care.

Simulation has become a standard in medical education. In simulated environments, students can practice complex skills in a safe and realistic setting.