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Volunteer for Clinical Research

Clinical research is a process that produces knowledge valuable for understanding human disease, preventing and treating illness, and promoting health. We use the lastest knowledge with patients to provide the best care, and we strive to use our clinical practice to help generate more knowledge. In this way, both clinical practice and research support and benefit each other.

Successful clinical research requires a number of people and organizations, but most importantly, we need participants who voluntarily choose to be a part of research. Participants have the unique opportunity to contribute to the developing knowledge in pediatric endocrinology.  Each research project is rigorously reviewed by the university's  Institutional Review Board before it begins to ensure protection of participant rights and the welfare of human research participants.

We have a variety of research projects available right now and for a variety of people. Explore the alternatives below and contact us to see if participating in research is right for you or members of your family.

Type 1 Diabetes

Natural history study (IRB #11725)

Type 2 Diabetes

Safety and effectiveness of a medication for treatment of Type 2 Diabetes (IRB #15516)