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Our Students

MSGC Class of 2021

Erin Coffman

B.S. Cell and Molecular Biology and Psychology, Missouri State University

Erin is originally from Fort Smith, Arkansas but went to Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri to pursue her undergraduate degrees. In December 2018, Erin graduated Cum Laude from the Honors College with her B.S in Cell and Molecular Biology and her B.S in Psychology. In the summer of 2017, Erin interned for a cardiovascular research group in Wellington, New Zealand where she conducted family history interviews and collected pedigrees. During her undergraduate career, Erin worked in an RNA and DNA research lab on campus and off campus worked as a psychiatric technician on the adult psychiatric unit at CoxHealth. Additionally, Erin held leadership positions in her social sorority and honors fraternity, and volunteered with organizations like Planned Parenthood, crisis hotlines, the Discovery Center in Springfield, and Girls on the Run.

​Caroline Say

B.S. Genetics, University of Wisconsin- Madison

Caroline Say is from Oklahoma City and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor’s Degree in Genetics. As an undergraduate, she worked as a lab assistant facilitating studies of transgenic maize for biofuels research, and created a website resource detailing the SNCA gene and its role in Lewy Body Dementia. Caroline gained invaluable experience in medical genetic research as a member of Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation’s Sir Alexander Fleming Scholar class of 2016. There she employed CRSPR/Cas9 technology to study the effects of a Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) risk variant. These experiences helped Caroline discern her interest in genetic counseling. After graduation, Caroline moved to Chicago, where she worked as an elementary school teaching assistant and gained genetic counseling exposure by shadowing pediatric and cancer genetic counselors at various Chicago and Wisconsin facilities. Caroline also worked as a Crisis Text Line volunteer to develop her counseling skills and experience. In addition, through volunteer activities, Caroline has gained experience working with children with developmental disabilities to encourage their participation in games and activities, encouraging STEM interest in students from underrepresented groups through interactive science experiments, and mentoring pre-adolescent girls in self-esteem and relationship skills using a structured program and physical activity.

​​C​ourtney Mills

B.S. Biochemistry, Carroll University

Courtney earned her bachelor degree at Carroll University with a major in biochemistry and a minor in psychology. As an undergraduate, she did microbiology research at the Medical College of Wisconsin and her senior chemistry  capstone focused on the use of the electrochemical technique of chronoamperometry to measure enzyme kinetics. Courtney's post-graduation areas of research included environmental science, public health, and ophthalmology.  Courtney has also worked as a medical scribe in family practice, a medical assistant in orthopedics, volunteered as an advocate for victims of sexual assault, and volunteered for The Women's Center in Waukesha.  Courtney also interned as a genetic counseling assistant at the UW Cancer Center at ProHealth Care. As a genetic counseling assistant, she had the opportunity to shadow in clinic, construct pedigrees for new patients, contact patients about prior genetic testing, and update patients on VUS results that had been reclassified as negative.

​David Shim

B.A. Psychology, University of Texas at Austin

David is from Houston, Texas. He loves to play soccer, watch NFL, and try out new restaurants.  As an undergraduate student, David volunteered at Integral Care where he taught student life management skills and worked at SAFEPlace, a shelter for men and women fleeing domestic abuse situations. David chose genetic counseling because of the emphasis on both the psychosocial and medical aspects involved in working with a patient.

Rachel Villegas

B.A. Biology, University of North Texas ​​

Rachel earned her bachelor’s degree from The University of North Texas in Biology with minors in chemistry and Spanish. As an undergraduate, she did bioinformatics research on bacteriophage genomes with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute SEA-PHAGES program. She served as a peer mentor for incoming college students, and was enrolled in the Honors College. After she graduated in 2017, Rachel was a genetic counseling intern at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas where she shadowed genetic counselors, entered patient pedigrees into an electronic database and created patient education handouts. Following her internship, Rachel worked in special education for two years at her former high school, where she served as a one-on-one aide for a student and tutored students with learning disabilities. Rachel also spent the entire summer of 2018 working with an individual with Cornelia de Lange syndrome, assisting her with day-to-day activities. Rachel has a passion for sports, and was a basketball coach for the local Special Olympics team in her hometown of Arlington, Texas. She enjoys watching the Denver Broncos play, eating Mexican food, and traveling.

MSGC Class of 2020

​​Melanie Goodman

B.S. Biology, Texas A&M University


Melanie is from Dallas, TX. She received her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University and graduated with a BS in Biology and minor in Genetics. After graduating, she worked as a genetic counseling assistant in Dallas working in the Down syndrome clinic and with newborn screening. Aside from genetics, her passion is horseback riding as she has been riding horses since she was 8. She also enjoys cheering on her Texas A&M Aggies during football season.

Bailey Severe

B.​S. Biology, Butler University


Bailey is originally from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2018. Her major was Biology and she had a minor in Chemistry, Psychology, and Neuroscience. She has previous experience volunteering at youth centers for minority groups throughout Indianapolis, working at summer camps with children, and volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician.  She enjoys anything and everything outdoors including camping, hiking, and outdoor concerts.


Elizabeth Ward

B.S. ​Genetics, University of New Hampshire


Elizabeth obtained her undergraduate degree in genetics at the University of New Hampshire with a minor in psychology. After graduation, she spent 6 months as a genetic counseling assistant at the Massachusetts General Hospital Yawkee Cancer Center and hopes to return to New England when she graduates from OUHSC. Elizabeth has been on two medical and dental brigades to Honduras through Global Brigades and volunteered as a crisis counselor for Crisis Text Line in her spare time. She enjoys teaching dance and baking on the weekends while she is working on her degree.


​Jessica Kottmeier

B.S. Psychology and Biology, Truman State University


Jessica is from St. Louis, Missouri and attended Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri where she earned her B.S. in Biology & Psychology majors. Jessica worked as a research assistant for a genetics lab working with Zea mays for most of her time in undergrad. She also volunteered at the local domestic violence shelter and crisis line as well as the women’s resource center on campus during her time in college. After graduating, Jessica gained experience shadowing a cancer GC while working full time as a waitress. In her free time, Jessica loves exploring the food of Oklahoma City with her husband or staying in with her three dogs.

​Alora Terry

B.S. Chemical Engineering and Biology, University of Alabama


Alora is originally from Hatton, Alabama. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a B.S. in Biology with minors in Psychology and General Business in 2018. While in undergrad Alora volunteered as a crisis counselor for Crisis Text Line and was a volunteer for the Arts n’ Autism program. She was the volunteer chair for the college of Engineering MentorUPP program’s leadership board, organizing volunteer opportunities within the program, and a peer mentor. She worked as a student researcher for a year in an on-campus lab studying the effects of inositol phosphate on developing mice and spent a spring break volunteering at the Give Kids the World Village in Kissimmee, Florida. In her spare time, Alora enjoys concerts, traveling, hiking, spending time with friends, and watching the Crimson Tide.