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Cardiovascular / Schizophrenia and Autism

Dr. Sun's research interests are in the study of molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in the regulation of blood pressure.  Application of molecular, transgenic and integrative approaches to the understanding of complex physiological function represents the central theme of most of his current research.  His recent effort is on the identification and characterization of genetic and environmental factors and their interaction in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular and renal diseases.  Specifically, he is interested in:

  • Molecular and cellular basis of hypertension
  • Genetic and environmental factors in hypertension
  • Neuroendocrine control of circulation
  • Molecular therapy for hypertension, cardiac hypertrophy and nephropathy
  • Cardiovascular and renal responses to cold exposure 

 The second research area deals with the etiology of and treatment for autism and schizophrenia. We are particularly interested in the role of endogenous and exogenous peptides in autism and schizophrenia.