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  1. The 2010 OUHSC news release "Oklahoman Scientists Discover Unexpected Benefit of Thyroid Hormone in Type 2 Diabetes". 
    The Oklahoman (11/30/2010) "Thyroid hormone Could Help Diabetics".
  2. The 2009 OUHSC news release "Anti-Aging Gene Linked to High Blood Pressure".
    The Oklahoman (08/19/2009) "Discovery could help fight aging".
  3. Newspaper interview regarding cold temperatures and heart disease (OUHSC). 
    The Oklahoman (02/11/2008) "Why fatal heart attacks peak when it gets colder".
  4. The 2006 University of Florida news release "Researchers use new technique to treat high blood pressure and kidney damage" (04/06/2006).
    Eighteen newspapers, TV stations, and health-related websites used the 2006 news release.
  5. The 2005 University of Florida news release "Cold weather hikes blood pressure, UF scientist warns (01/18/2005)".
    Invited for 12 newspaper interviews (New York Times, Science Daily, etc) and 16 TV interviewsregarding Dr. Sun's research findings.