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Refractory Angina Spinal

Angina pectoris is pain that usually occurs with coronary artery disease of the heart. This crushing and suffocating pain is usually felt in the chest surface, arms, and sometimes the jaw and neck.

The primary interest of my laboratory is to understand how the brain, spinal cord and heart communicate when the coronary arteries are inflamed and coronary blood flow is severely reduced. We use electrophysiological, immunocytohistochemical, neuropharmacological, and modern molecular techniques to show how the nervous system processes information arising from normal, inflamed and ischemic hearts and from skin and muscle of the chest, arm, and neck.

We are also interested in how the information processed in the nervous system influences the functional characteristics of the heart. We are using physiological genomics approach, employing cDNA Arrays analyses to determine changes (caused by inflammation) in the multi-gene patterns of expression in the heart and spinal cord to examine how the nervous system can alter the patterns of gene expression. These studies are supported by the National Institutes of Health and by industrial contracts