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Chauncey Atterberry, M.D.
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Chauncey Atterberry, M.D.

General Psychiatry Resident

Where are you from? Oklahoma City, OK

Where did you go to medical school? OU College of Medicine in Oklahoma City

Why did you choose psychiatry? I enjoy being able to spend quality time with patients, building rapport with them, and advocating for patients' mental health needs. As a physician, we have the unique opportunity of understanding the medical needs of patients and the interplay of their medical needs/medications with their mental health. Great fulfillment comes from advocating for patients and affecting change in their lives in, both, acute settings and over a longer period of time. The work-life balance is pretty awesome too!

Why OU? Having been a student at OU and rotating through the clerkship, I was impressed with the comfortable and supportive environment in the OU Department of Psychiatry. OU has diverse training experiences, preparing residents for a variety of employment opportunities. Most importantly, the "family feel" of the department is invaluable. I look forward to coming to work everyday because I know I'm going to be doing something I love with people I enjoy spending time with.

Hobbies? I enjoy spending time with my wife and son. I like to bowl when I have time and sometimes attempt to play disc golf (I'm not very good at the latter). A newer hobby for me is learning to cook different meats on my electric smoker... I make a pretty good brisket, if I must say so myself.

What do you like about Oklahoma City? Being from OKC and having never left, OKC is home for me. There is a lot to do in the ever-growing Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Cost of living and housing are quite affordable. Surprisingly, OKC has a diverse food/restaurant culture.


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