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Didactics in Pediatric & Behavioral Health Psychology

Primary Care Seminar
Primary Care Seminar meets monthly and is a forum for discussion and presentation of issues that commonly arise in providing behavioral health services in primary care settings. This seminar is not exclusive to pediatric psychology, but focuses on behavioral health issues for those working in a primary care setting. Individuals working in Adolescent Medicine Clinic, General Pediatrics Clinic, and the VA Primary Care Clinic attend this seminar, although it is open to all trainees wishing to attend. Presentations may include models of service delivery in primary care, use of health and behavior billing codes, psychopharmacology, and motivational interviewing. Additionally, assessment and treatment strategies for common presenting issues in primary care are addressed. These strategies may include sleep problems, dementia, elimination disorders, behavior management, medication adherence, pain management, and implementation of dietary or lifestyle changes.

Pediatric Psychology Professional Issues
Professional Issues in Pediatric Psychology meets monthly for discussion and presentations relevant to the professional development within the field of pediatric psychology. This seminar is more focused on pediatric psychology within inpatient and outpatient setting and the seminar topics often include common pediatric psychology consultation issues and brief treatment approaches, but topics are open to suggestion by trainees. Format of the seminar consists of case presentations, discussion of assessment and treatment strategies, and special considerations for work in multidisciplinary settings. All trainees are welcome to attend but those completing a major or minor in pediatric psychology or a primary care rotation are required to attend.

Supervision Seminar
Supervision seminar meets on a monthly basis to provide an avenue to discuss and develop supervision skills and competencies. This seminar includes discussion of readings, application/practice of skills, and discussion and feedback on current supervisory experiences. The seminar discussion topics are centered around the guideline for supervision competency proposed by the APS Task Force ( These guidelines are organized around seven domains: supervisor competence, ethical, legal and regulatory considerations, diversity, supervisory relationship, professionalism, feedback/evaluation/assessment and problems of professional competence.

Pediatrics Grand Rounds
Grand Rounds for the Department of Pediatrics is held every Wednesday at 12:15pm. Trainees in pediatric psychology are encouraged, and depending upon their rotations, may be required to attend these seminars. Presentations are provided by the faculty at OUHSC, as well as invited lectures by outside speakers. Topics vary throughout the year.

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Multidisciplinary Imaging Conference
Residents may attend weekly imaging conference. This seminar is attended by many specialty areas including numerous medical specialty areas within pediatrics (hematology/oncology, radiology, radiation oncology, surgery), medical students and residents, and child life. Scans from imaging techniques, such as MRI and CT scans, are reviewed and discussed in a multidisciplinary format. Discussions may involve presenting concerns, differential diagnosis, effects of treatment, and/or other psychosocial issues regarding the patients.

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Sign-Out Conference
This conference occurs every Friday afternoon in the Jimmy Everest Center. This conference is a forum for discussion of updates and ongoing issues among the inpatient and outpatient population of the Jimmy Everest Pediatric Cancer Center. Discussions often involve concerns regarding medical treatment, updates of medical or psychosocial functioning of patients, and management of any behavioral, emotional, or parenting issues. This conference often provides an opportunity to discuss patient care with the pediatric hematology/oncology attending physicians, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, outpatient nurses, and research associates.

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Psychosocial Rounds
This weekly meeting occurs on the pediatric hematology/oncology unit at the OU Children’s Hospital. Participants include individuals from nursing, social work, physical therapy, child life, and nutrition. Discussions focus on patient and family functioning, staff members’ concerns regarding patients and their families, coordination of services, and updates regarding ongoing interventions.

Research Opportunities in Pediatric Psychology
The Pediatric Psychology program is active in clinical research related to children’s health, and interns are encouraged to participate in research projects. Throughout the internship year, trainees are provided with protected time to allow for research activities. Some examples of previous research topics include: transition from pediatric to adult care for youth with chronic medical conditions, targeted interventions for families of children with medical conditions, injury prevention, screening for mood disorders, training medical providers in motivational interviewing, assessments as part of pharmaceutical clinical trials, and many more.