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Resident Stipends, Benefits, and Support

The base stipends currently vary from $43,200 (OUHSC) to $47,844 (HRSA) depending on the funding source. Stipend levels can vary depending on budgetary restraints and funding sources. 

Health insurance is available for all positions free of charge. Residents funded by OUHSC will sign-up for insurance through the campus HR system. Residents funded by HRSA will receive a Student Health Policy through the University. The health insurance policies do not include Dental or Vision insurance. Residents can sign-up for Dental and Vision insurance for additional costs to them. 

Liability Insurance
Professional liability coverage is encouraged but at the resident's expense. If a resident chooses not to purchase a liability policy, then the resident will be covered under the State Tort Claims Act for Medical Providers.  

Not including holiday leave, Residents receive 15 days of Annual Leave, 13 days of Sick Leave, and 5 days of academic leave.