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Student Engagement

Leadership and Involvement

The College of Medicine Student Council (StuCo for short) is a self-governing body that represents medical students. StuCo meets monthly to address needs and issues, coordinate the community outreach program, plan social activities, and manage the student fee budget. Within StuCo there are interest groups ranging from residency specialties to various areas of interest.

Student Modules and Lounges

Each class is divided into student modules and given an area where they can study, attend class and create a space away from home.

Volunteerism and Community Service

Students are able to serve their community outside of the classroom while still gaining valuable medical experience.


Medical students have the opportunity to partake in research in their specialties of interest.

Blood and Thunder: Musings of the Art of Medicine

This journal allows for a creative outlet for the expression of thoughts and emotions associated with the healthcare experience.