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Congratulations on your admission to The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center- Physician Associate Program!

Please see the information provided below regarding what you can start working on prior to the first day of Orientation which is Monday, June 1, 2020. Orientation will start at 8:30 AM sharp. You will be given further details on this via your Welcome letter and D2L Orientation site (to come later).

All students have a Student Self-Service ​​account through PeopleSoft or Oracle (referred to as both). This is where you do the following: view, accept, decline financial aid, update addresses, view e-bills, pay tuition, request a transcript, apply for graduation, upload immunizations records, log volunteer hours, and many other campus functions. You can click (HERE) or above on Student Self-Service. We refer to this function many times during Orientation and throughout your education.

​Please bring your laptop to Orientation with you. There will be times you will need it. 

Important Dates/Deadlines to Remember

Please see the attached document. It has many important dates and deadlines to remember. If you have any questions about these, please email me at There will be more information below in regards to these deadlines.

University/Program Requirements- Prior to/completed by Orientation

  1. Outstanding prereqs/Degree verification: prior to enrollment (see important deadlines above). Enrollment will not be processed until this has been satisfied.
  2. Health Insurance Compliance: All OUHSC students are required to have health insurance upon entering and during enrollment. At the beginning of each academic year, and periodically throughout the year (beginning of each semester), students may be asked to show proof of health insurance. Students will have 10 University business days to provide proof after the request is made. If non-compliant within 10 days, students may be suspended from classes and/or rotations until proof of coverage is provided. Students may participate in the student sponsored health insurance policy, Academic HealthPlans, or show proof of acceptable insurance coverage by a recognized health insurance provider to the college of Student Services Office. Please see the Student Health Insurance page for more details.
  3. Immunization Compliance: Physician Associate students are required to submit proof of immunizations by the completion of Orientation and must remain up to date through out enrollment in the PA program. The Program follows the current recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control for vaccines for healthcare workers. Please see PA Policy 644 for any questions. See deadline under Important dates/deadlines. Students may complete this Vaccine History Form and upload to their Student Self-Service account. Evidence of all immunizations must be uploaded into your student self-service account. The vaccine history form will not suffice as evidence. The form is merely a guide to help you track what you are missing.  For those with questions on how to upload items into their student self-service account, please refer to this Self-Service Uploading Guide.
  4. Computer Encryption: Please see the Computer Information page in regards to participation in a mandatory Device Security Clinic.
  5. University/Program Compliance Training: Matriculated students will need to complete the following training: HIPAA PrivacyHIPAA Security, Title IX, TB trainingBBP training, MED-IQ x2, and Hazard training. The two HIPAA trainings and the Title IX will automatically update on your Student Self-Service checklist. All other training's will need to have a certificate printed (or photographed) and documentation of completion uploaded into your Student Self-Service. Some training's will not become available until after Orientation. You will be given a deadline for completion at that time.
  6. Campus Parking: Parking will need to be taken care of prior to the first day of Orientation. Please see the instructions from the parking office: They should first go online and register and/or purchase their permit at our website or by coming to our office, we are located at 825 Research Park. They will need bring an ID Card, License Plate Number or Vehicle Identification Number, and make, model and color of vehicle.

Completed at Orientation

  1. ID Cards: You will purchase your student ID card the first day of Orientation. You do not need to do this ahead of time.
  2. Medical Equipment Sales: We have a company come in and sale you the medical equipment you need for PA school. It is sold at a discounted rate, and the faculty are there to answer questions. If you already have equipment, you can bring it with you and ask if it will suffice or not. Please do not purchase any equipment prior to Orientation without speaking to someone. You are not required to buy from this particular company, but we do not want you to buy equipment that will not suffice.
  3. White Coats- You will be fitted for a white coat at Orientation.
  4. Book-list- You will receive the books you need for the Summer semester closer to the start of the semester.  

Additional Information

Below you will find additional information that will be helpful until the D2L site is ready to be utilized. You can also find useful information in general under the Current Students tab on the web page.