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Linda Archer

Linda Archer,

Quantitative Morphology/Flow Cytometry (VAMC)

Gregory Blakey, MD

Gregory Blakey, MD

Vice Chair and Associate Professor
Presbyterian Health Foundation Chair in Pathology
Director of Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship Program
Vice Chief of Pathology Services and Director of Clinical
Pathology, OU Medical System

Kenneth E Blick, PhD

Kenneth E. Blick, PhD

Professor of Pathology

Director of Clinical Chemistry

Director of Immunoassay/Endocrine Laboratories

Chelsey D. Deel, MD

Chelsey D. Deel, MD

Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology

S. Terence Dunn, PhD

S. Terence Dunn, PhD

Scientific Director of Molecular Pathology

Dayl J. Flournoy, PhD

Dayl J Flournoy, PhD

Microbiology (VAMC)

Bradley C Gehrs, MD

Bradley C. Gehrs, MD

Interim Director of Transfusion Services

Assistant Professor of Pathology

Staff Pathologist, OU Medical Center

William F Kern, MD

William F. Kern, MD

Associate Director, Pathology Residency Program

Professor of Pathology

Director of Clinical Hematopathology

Cindy McCloskey, MD

Cindy McCloskey, MD

Associate Professor of Pathology

Pathology Residency Program Director

Director, Microbiology and Virology Laboratories
OU Medical Center