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Past Dewayne Andrews, MD Excellence in Teaching Awards


Mohammad Madhoun, MD, MS, FACP  Pre-Clinical OKC Internal Medicine
Gregory L. Blakey, MD Pre-Clinical OKC Pathology
Kathryn Klump, MD, PhD Pre-Clinical OKC Family and Preventive Medicine
Audrey Corbett, MD Pre-Clinical SCM Internal Medicine
Jeremy Johnson, MD, FACS Clinical OKC Surgery
Kaitlyn Kulesus, DO  Clinical OKC Anesthesiology
Alexander Raines, MD Clinical OKC Surgery
Andrew Liew, MD Clinical SCM Psychiatry
Robyn Cowperthwaite, MD  Graduate Medical Education -SCM Psychiatry
Andrew T. Melson, MD  Graduate Medical Education -OKC Ophthalmology
Casey Windrix, MD Graduate Medical Education -OKC Anesthesiology
Emily Fisher, MD Graduate Medical Education -OKC Emergency Medicine
Darlla Duniphin, DHSc, PA-C  Physcian Associate OKC Family and Preventive Medicine
Eva Garringer, PhD Physcian Associate SCM Family and Community Medicine


Mohiuddin Ahmad, Ph.D. Pre-Clinical Cell Biology
Kent Teague, Ph.D. Pre-Clinical Surgery
Kristina Booth, M.D. UME/GME Clinical Surgery
Brian Lich, M.D. UME/GME Clinical Medicine
Afia Sadiq, M.D. UME/GME Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
James O'Brien, M.D. UME/GME Clinical Ophthalmology
Amy E. Lee, M.D. UME/GME Clinical Pediatrics
Gwendolyn Neel, M.D. UME/GME Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology
Bryan Billings, M.D. UME/GME Clinical Family & Preventative Medicine
Blake Lesselroth, M.D. UME/GME Clinical Medical Informatics
Shashank Shettar, M.D. UME Clinical  Anesthesiology
Mark Perdue, MHS PA-C Physcian Associate Family & Preventative Medicine
Jennifer Boyett, MHS PAC Physcian Associate Family & Community Medicine


Sanjay Bidichandani, MBBS, PhD Pre- Clinical Pediatrics
Nancy Halliday, PhD Pre- Clinical Cell Biology
Jason Wagner, MD Pre- Clinical Radiological Sciences
Lori Whelan, MD Pre- Clinical Culinary Medicine
Christopher Czapla, MD Clinical Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Cynthia Bradford, MD Clinical Ophthalmology
Houssein, Youness, MD Clinical Medicine
John Laurent, MD Clinical Psychiatry
Tammy Yanovitch, MD GME Ophthalmology
Vijaya Ekambaram, MD GME Psychiatry
Nelson Agudelo, MD GME Medicine
Emily Fritz, MD GME Emergency Medicine
Bruna Varalli-Claypool, MHS, PA-C Physician Associate Family & Preventive Medicine
Vishal Mundra, MD Physcian Associate Family & Community Medicine


Oliver Cerqueira, DO Clinical- Tulsa Internal Medicine-SCM
Jabraan Pasha, MD Clinical-Tulsa Internal Medicine-SCM
David Kelley, MD Clinical-OKC Family & Preventive Medicine
Mark Allee, MD Clinical-OKC Internal Medicine
Jennifer Weakley, MD GME Tulsa Family & Community Medicine
David Cameron, MD GME Tulsa Obstetrics & Gynecology
Alexander Bautista, MD GME OKC Anesthesiology
Andrew Bailey, MD GME OKC Ophthalmology
Chris Brasel, PhD Pre-Clinical OKC Family & Community Medicine
Bryan Billings, MD Pre-Clinical OKC Family & Preventive Medicine
Annie Moreau, MD Pre-Clinical OKC Ophthalmology
Teresa Scordino, MD Pre-Clinical OKC Pathology
Frederick C. Miller, PhD PA Pre-Clinical OKC Family & Preventive Medicine
Joe R. Womble, MD PA Clinical OKC Family & Preventive Medicine
Marianna Wetherill, PhD PA Pre-Clinical Tulsa Family and Community Medicine
Bethany Wagener, PA-C PA Clinical l Tulsa Family and Community Medicine


William F. Kern, III MD  Preclinical Pathology
Robert W. Blair, Ph.D. Preclinical Physiology
Jonathan E. Heinlen, M.D. Preclinical Urology
Kim A. Coon, Ed.D. Preclinical Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Mark Pogemiller, MD  Clinical  Pediatrics
Adria S. Chappel RN, BSN, MS Clinical  Neurology
Monica Sze-Yin Henning, M.D. Clinical  Obstetrics & Gynecology
Alisa M. Cross, MD Clinical  Surgery
Steven Chernausek  M.D. GME Pediatrics
Brian Firestone, M.D. GME Ophthalmology
Shuchi Chaudhary M.D. GME Neurology
Boyd D. Burns, DO, FACEP GME Emergecy Medicine


Gregory Blakey, MD Pre-Clinical Pathology
Chris Brasel, PhD Pre-Clinical Family & Community Medicine
Kennon Garrett PhD Pre-Clinical Physiology
 Phebe Tucker, MD Pre-Clinical Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Arpit Patel, MD Clinical Surgery
Jeanne Hayes, MD Clinical Pediatrics
Katie Smith, MD Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology
Edward Kosik, DO  GME Anesthesiology
Barbara Miller, MD GME Family & Community Medicine
R. Michael Siatkowski, MD, MBA GME Opthamology
Stephanie D. DeLeon, MD GME Pediatrics


Nancy Halliday, PhD  Pre-Clinical Cell Biology
Dale W. Bratzler, DO, MPH  Pre-Clinical Internal Medicine
 Mary Kay Gumerlock, MD Pre-Clinical Neurosurgery
Daniel L. O'Donoghue, PA-C, PhD  Pre-Clinical Cell Biology
Dena E. O'Leary, MD  Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology
Anthony J. Vaughn, MD  Clinical Neurology
BreeAnna D. Gibson, MD  Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology
Sarah-Anne Schumann, MD Clinical Family Medicine
Mazen Abu-Fadel, MD  GME Internal Medicine
William M. Tierney, MD  GME Internal Medicine
John P. Zubialde, MD GME Office of the Dean
Douglas Stewart, DO, MPH  GME Pediatrics


Molly Hill, PhD  Pre-Clinical Microbiology & Immunology
Ann Louise Olson, PhD  Pre-Clinical Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Blake Palmer, MD   Pre-Clinical Urology
Rhonda Sparks, MD Pre-Clinical  Family Medicine
Mark Allee, MD  Clinical Medicine
David Lee Gordon, MD  Clinical Neurology
Robert Mannel, MD  Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology
 Karl Hoskison, MD  Clinical Internal Medicine
Marvin Williams, DO  GME Obstetrics and Gynecology
Amy Sparkman, MD  GME Pediatrics
Annie Moreau, MD  GME Ophthalmology
Lori Whelan, MD  GME Emergency Medicine