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Gary L. White, DVM,MMS Director, Comparative Medicine

The Veterinary Pathology Faculty provides service support for the Biomedical Research Program of the OUHSC and for a variety of collaborative and independent research programs on campus.  Service responsibilities include:  direction and management of the animal care-and-use program, diagnostic veterinary pathology, compliance with federal laws and regulations, maintaining AAALAC Accreditation Standards, and consultation on animal models and animal use.  The research functions of the faculty include submission of grants to outside agencies, including the National Institutes of Health, and conducting both collaborative and independent biomedical research.  In addition, the faculty members participate in teaching several professional and graduate courses.  Faculty members also serve on numerous committees of OUHSC and affiliate institutions.


Gary L. White, DVM, MMS

Lab Animal Medicine

William Brinkely, DVM

Rodent Resources/Lab Animal Medicine

Max E. Cary, PhD, DVM

Theriogenology/Lab Animal Medicine

Stanley D. Kosanke, DVM, PhD

Veterinary Pathology/Lab Animal Medicine

Roman F. Wolf, DVM

Lab Animal Medicine