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Career Advising

The College of Medicine assists students throughout all 4 years in choosing a medical specialty. Career counseling begins the first year of medical school, consisting of presentations by various student organizations, specialty interest groups, and the mentoring program pairing matriculating students with upper-class men and women. Programs have been designed to help students with academic decisions, provide guidance about professional behavior and career choices and in general, help students in the process of becoming physicians.  

Career Advising at OU

Coursework Student Affairs Interest Groups Online Resources
Clinician Intros (MS1 & MS2) Guide to the Match Workshop Series (MS1-4) Skills and other workshops AAMC Careers in Medicine
Clerkships & Selectives (MS3) Career Advising and Mentor Program (CAMP) (MS3) Post-Match Meeting OU College of Medicine Website: Career Advising and The Match tabs
Sub-Internships (MS4) Mock Residency Interviews Research Liaisons Texas STAR and Residency Explorer
Clinical Electives (MS4) Individual meeting with OSA Deans Faculty Networking (Departmental Contacts) NRMP Data/Charting Outcomes in the Match
Away Rotations (MS4) Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) Shadowing and Volunteering ERAS Instruction Guides and Videos on AAMC website


At the end of their second year or beginning of their third year, all students are assigned or select a clinical faculty advisor in their designated field of specialty. These advisors help students access information about their desired specialty, or make informed decisions about future careers if undecided. Advisors help students create fourth year schedules, apply to residency programs, and prepare for residency interviews.


OUr Story


OUr Story is a podcast created by OU College of Medicine students and faculty. Topics include mental health, healthy romantic relationships in medical school, tips for Couples Match, choosing between specialties and overcoming failure.

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