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Student Health Insurance


All OUHSC students are required to have health insurance upon entering and during enrollment. At the beginning of each academic year, and periodically throughout the year (beginning of each semester), students may be asked to show proof of health insurance. Students will have 10 University business days to provide proof after the request is made. If non-compliant within 10 days, students may be suspended from classes and/or rotations until proof of coverage is provided. Students may participate in the student sponsored health insurance policy, Academic HealthPlans, or show proof of acceptable insurance coverage by a recognized health insurance provider to the college of Student Services Office. ( OUHSC Faculty Handbook 4.36)

For general information on student health insurance and the waiver process: Student Health Insurance.

What To Do Now?

Per University of Oklahoma Regents’ Policy, all students enrolled in OU Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) programs are responsible for maintaining health insurance and providing coverage information each semester of enrollment in their programs. A student who is found to be uninsured will receive notification from HSC Student Affairs and their academic dean’s office regarding lack of compliance and possible delay in academic program, including clinical participation, advancement.

Effective June 2017, all students enrolled in OUHSC programs must purchase the OUHSC Student Health Insurance Plan or submit a waiver to show alternative coverage via the Student Health Insurance waiver program each semester of enrollment. 

Enrollment forms and the Summary of Benefits for the Academic HealthPlans Student Health Insurance Policy are available online at or at HSC Student Affairs in the David L. Boren Student Union, Suite 300.

Each semester students will be required to confirm coverage. You will receive an email from a college representative or from an AHA representative with instructions. You can also view this information at AHP or Student Health Insurance. Failure to confirm coverage by the designated deadline will result in a hold being placed on your student account. This will prevent you from being enrolled.

AHP Waiver Instruction Sheet

Needle Stick Coverage

Needle stick coverage is available through University of Oklahoma student sponsored health insurance policy. This will cover the student while participating in clinical rotations. Your student health fee may not cover expenses associated with needle sticks such as laboratory tests, preventative treatment, or follow-up care. This coverage is strongly recommended. Students may enroll in this coverage at:

Note: students enrolled in the university sponsored health insurance policy have this needle stick coverage included already.