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Stipend Level and Benefits

The OUHSC internship offers the stipends and fringe benefits described below.  Intern salary stipends are determined each year and are published on the APPIC website and also presented in this brochure. Once published, the stipend is firm.   

Stipend level: $23,600 for the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Neuropsychology and Pediatric Child Clinical Psychology; VA Interns receive $26,234.

Student benefits include library and parking privileges for interns. The Department provides Student Health Insurance for all non-VA interns. VA interns can elect to receive health insurance through the VA; the VA pays a portion of the health insurance. VA interns make their health insurance selection from a number of insurance choices during VA orientation. This insurance then becomes effective approximately two weeks after that selection. Health Insurance for all other interns becomes effective July 1.

Vacation & Academic Leave
Vacation and Academic Leave: 15 working days.

Sick Leave
Sick Leave: 13 working days

Liability Insurance
Liability Insurance: The Department provides professional liability insurance.