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Academic Calendar & Curriculum

This page lists the published curriculum documents for the University of Oklahoma MD program:  the academic calendar, the curriculum, the preclinical curriculum course dates, and the clinical curriculum rotation dates. These documents are updated at least annually. Unless otherwise specified these documents apply to all curricular options and tracks.

Note: Detailed course schedules are available via the LEO system at

Academic Calendar

A schedule of important dates for all classes (in all tracks) for a given academic year.

MD Program Curriculum Overview

Documents that depict the curriculum for the matriculating class across multiple academic years. (example: students that matriculate in fall 2020 should reference the Class of 2024 curriculum)

Preclinical Curriculum Course Dates

A diagram that portrays the current preclinical curriculum schedule (MS1 and MS2 course start/stop dates) for a given academic year.

Clinical Curriculum Rotation Dates

A schedule of start and stop dates for clinical rotations (for a given academic year).