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Office of Admissions

University of Oklahoma College of Medicine Admissions Office
940 S. L. Young Blvd, BMSB Room 357
Oklahoma City, OK 73104-5042

(405) 271-2331


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American Medical College Application Service
Association of American Medical Colleges
2450 N Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20037-1123
(202) 828-0600

Medical College Admission Test
Association of American Medical Colleges
Medical College Admission Test
2450 N Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20037
(202) 828-0690

Medical Humanities Scholars Program

In 2000, the University of Oklahoma Honors College and the College of Medicine created a partnership to further the study of humanities in relationship to medicine called the Medical Humanities Scholars Program. This is a joint venture with the OU College of Medicine and is a highly competitive academic and extracurricular program for graduating high school seniors who know they wish to attend medical school. Students are selected on the basis of their academic performance (both grades and test scores); their familiarity with and experiences within medicine; their interests in the humanities and social sciences; their extracurricular activities; and their maturity.