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OU College of Medicine Research

OU College of Medicine scientists have devoted their lives to deciphering the mysteries of human disease that hold great potential for discovery. Hundreds of research projects are underway on the OU Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) campus at any given time. Faculty and students within each college are active in projects that have both scientific and clinical applications.

This page is the lead-in page for all things Research…to provide you simple links to the “who, what, when, where, and why” as it relates to Research initiatives within the College of Medicine.


For additional information you can contact Mary Beth Humphrey, MD, PhD, Associate Dean for Research, University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine:


Basic Science/Clinical Research

The four Basic Science Departments contribute to the mission of the University through basic and applied science, academic service and by educating the next generation of scientists and clinicians. Clinical Research is ongoing throughout our 17 Clinical Departments as they support the research, education, and clinical missions of the college.

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Research Resources

There is much involved with Research that goes beyond just the work at "the bench".

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Large Research Programs / Facilities

Areas of research range from the general to the specific and virtually all hold great applicability to large groups of people.

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HSC Strategic Plan

The Purpose of our plan is concrete, immovable, and enduring. It is the essence of what we do.

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Clinical Trials

We offer of many promising research-based treatments are part of our seamless care. See information for accessing clinical trials being conducted in each area of our practice.

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