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Child ​​Life Department

The Child Life Department at The Children’s Hospital was developed to help minimize the stress of hospitalization for families and promote a positive healing and learning experience for your child. As the largest of its kind in Oklahoma, OU Children’s Hospital’s Child Life program can help with all of the physical, psychosocial and emotional issues that patients and their families often confront, including:


• Explanation of medical procedures in child-friendly language

• Relaxation, distraction and coping skills before, during and after medical treatments

• Emotional support for patients as well as families and siblings

• Therapeutic play led by experts to help your child express emotion and manage distress during hospitalization

• Recreational play time in on-site activity areas, including The Zone or at your child’s bedside

• Education for parents and caregivers

• Events, parties and seasonal celebrations throughout the year to help normalize the hospital environment for kids and their families

• Orientation sessions prior to hospitalization to familiarize the entire family with the facility and what to expect

• Child Life specialists on site to help with any needs or concerns families may have 

To schedule a session with a Child Life specialist, call 405-271-4870.

To schedule an orientation session and tour, call 405-271-4870, ext. 2.

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