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Student Records

Access to Student Records/FERPA Policy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their educational records. One of these rights is to inspect and review the student’s education records within 45 days of the day the University receives a request for access. Students should submit a written request to the Office of Admissions and Records, located in the Library 121. For the full process: FERPA-Academic Notice. PA Program Policy 631/632 under "Student Affairs".

Immunization Records

Once a student has been admitted into the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Physician Associate Program, they are required to provide documentation of immunizations. Once a student provides documentation of immunization records to an institution for their educational purposes, the records are protected by FERPA (see Federal Register & FERPA-HIPAA guidance). The Physician Associate Program cannot provide you a copy of your immunization records. Students may view those records by submitting a written request to the Office of Admissions and Records, located in the Library 121. It is recommended that students keep copies of all immunization records provided for documentation. For the full request process: FERPA-Academic Notice

Record Retention Policy

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Physician Associate Program follows the State Universities and Colleges Consolidated General Records Disposition Schedule. Listed in the General Records Disposition Schedule for State

Universities and Colleges stipulate the minimum retention periods for the records of state supported institutions of higher education in the State of Oklahoma. The Physician Associate Program retention period for student records upon successful graduation can be found in PA Policy 630 under "General Operations". Once the retention period has passed, a destruction notice will be sent for approval. All student record requests should be submitted in writing to the Office of Admissions and Records.

Degree Verification/Student Scholarships/Transcript Request/Credentialing

Current students may print an enrollment verification through Student Self-Service or by contacting the Office of Admissions and Records. Any documentation that requires the school seal must go through the Office of Admissions and Records.

All student scholarship forms must be completed by the Office of Admissions and Records. The PA Program faculty and staff cannot complete or sign off on any of these forms. The Admissions and Records Office is located in the Bird Library, Room 121.

Please direct any VA verification to the appropriate Student Program Coordinator (Didactic or Clinical). VA verification forms are the only forms PA staff can sign off on.

For Degree Verifications, please direct questions to the Office of Admissions and Records. 

Transcript Request can be made online, through mail, or in person to Admissions and Records.

**Current students may also request an official transcript through their Student Self Service.

Once logged in you can request these under Academics. Please be prepared to provide the mailing address of where you need them sent. Also note, there is an option for mailing transcripts after grades post. Grades posting and degrees posting are not the same things, so be sure to select "Mail after Degree Posts".

The OUHSC registrar's office will maintain academic records on all graduates. Information required by potential employers, credential committees and state licensure boards can be obtained by having the respective agency contact the registrar's office at 405-271-2359 or Click Here.  Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for any credentialing, verification's, or peer reviews to be processed. Before any information can be released, a current signed release form must be on file. Please include this Reference Consent Form with your request.

Please see the Oklahoma Medical Board for any other information needed for credentialing purposes.

Additional student record request forms are available through Admissions and Records