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Student Scholarships

Bill Stanhope Scholarship*

  • Purpose: To assist 2nd year OU PA students with expenses related to their studies.
  • Criteria: Recipients based on highest overall GPA for the didactic year.
  • Award: one time award (applied to Spring Bursar account).
  • In the event of a tie, awarded amount will be divided between recipients.

Tom Godkins Scholarship

  • Purpose: To assist 2nd year OU PA students with expenses related to their studies.
  • Criteria: Recipients based on volunteerism as a PA student.
  • Award: one time award (applied to Spring Bursar account).

Daniel L McNeill Scholarship

  • Purpose: To assist 2nd year OU PA students with expenses related to their studies.
  • Criteria: Recipients based on academic performance, community service, and clinical skills.
  • Award:  one time award (applied to Spring Bursar account).

Roger Whittaker Loan

  • Purpose: Short-term loan for students in emergency financial need.
  • Criteria: Recipients based on financial need, and academic standing as a PA Student.
  • Award:  Loan of up to $500 for financial emergencies.  It must be repaid before graduation. This loan money may be obtained within 2 business days.
  • Contact: Jami Anderson at the PA Program 405-271-2058.

Roger Whittaker Endowed Scholarship Award

  • Purpose: To assist 2nd year OU PA students with expenses related to their studies.
  • Criteria: Recipients based on academic excellence while benefiting the University, community and the Physician Assistant profession through volunteerism, and whose family has committed their service to the United States of America. 
  • Award: one time award (applied to Spring Bursar account).

Outside the Program Scholarships

OAPA Scholarship

  • Purpose: To recognize papers authored by PA students.
  • Criteria: The paper may cover any literature review topic.
  • Award: two $250 scholarships presented each year at the OAPA conference.

Physician Manpower Training Commission

  • Purpose: To assist Oklahoma's rural communities. To provide financial assistance to Physician Assistant students enrolled in an accredited Physician Assistant Program. To assist OU PA students with expenses related to their studies with a rural service as a return.
  • Criteria:  Oklahoma resident, enrolled in PA program, have no other conflicting service obligation.
  • Award: $1,000 per month
  • Obligation: Agrees to begin practice in a PMTC approved rural community within 90 days after completion of physician assistant training. Agrees to practice in the community for one month for each month the scholarship was received, with no credit being granted for anything less than 12 months.
  • Penalty:  If the physician assistant decides not to repay his/her obligated scholarship loan by practicing in a qualified community, he/she will be required to repay the principal amount, plus interest and a penalty of up to 100% of the principal. Interest accrues at the prime rate plus 1%. Oklahoma resident, enrolled in PA program and have no other conflicting service obligation.
  • Contact:  405-843-5667

National Health Service Corps Scholarship

  • Purpose: To assist OU PA students with expenses related to their studies.
  • Criteria: Enrolled in a PA program.
  • Award: Pays for tuition, required fees, and some other education costs, tax free, for as many as four years. Education costs may include books, clinical supplies, laboratory expenses, instruments, two sets of uniforms and travel for one clinical rotation. Living expense stipend.
  • Criteria: Year for year payback in designated shortage area ( Min 2 yrs). 
  • Contact:

Physician Assistant Foundation

  • Purpose: The PA Foundation Scholarship Program was established in 1977 to assist PA students with expenses related to their studies.
  • Criteria: recipients based on financial need, academic achievement, past employment, and goals as a PA.
  • Award: Numerous scholarships ranging from $2,000 - $5,000 are awarded each year.
  • Contact: The Physician Assistant Foundation at 703/519-5686.

Peter Nyquist Student Writing Competition

  • Purpose: To recognize papers authored by PA students.
  • Criteria: The paper may cover any clinical medicine topic and may be 6-20 pages long. Papers may be singly or jointly authored. Papers must be authored while a PA student but may be submitted within one year prior to the submission deadline.
  • Award: First prize is $500, second prize is $300, and third prize is $200. All winners receive a travel stipend of $200. Winning authors are invited to present their papers at the next APAP Semiannual Meeting, held in conjunction with the AAPA's annual conference.  Sponsored by APAP and Physician Assistant, a publication of Springhouse Corporation.
  • Contact: Nikki Hatcher at 703/836-2272, ext. 3411.

APAP Student Writing Scholarship

  • Purpose: To encourage and recognize the commitment of students to the PA profession.
  • Criteria: Student must submit a typed, double-spaced, 600-word essay stating why they decided to become a PA, what they have done or hope to do as a student to promote the PA profession, and what they anticipate contributing to the profession after graduation.
  • Award: One $300 scholarship each month. Essay is printed in Physician Assistant. Sponsored by APAP and Physician Assistant.
  • Contact: Physician Assistant at 215/646-8700.

APAP Presidents Scholarship Award

  • Purpose: To provide junior PA students with a special gift of money to help them meet the costs of continuing their studies.
  • Criteria: The APAP President chooses three PA programs from which junior students will be considered for the award.  Faculty at each selected program identify a student award recipient.
  • Award: Three $1,000 scholarships are awarded each year. Sponsored by Pharmacia & Upjohn.
  • Contact: Steven Lane at 703/836-2272, ext. 3413. US Armed Healthcare Team 
  • Purpose: PA student loan repayment.
  • Award:  $120,000.

IHS Loan Repayment Program

If you’re a healthcare practitioner looking for a career that offers both professional and personal fulfillment, work/life balance and an opportunity to make a difference among an appreciative and deserving patient population, look no further. We are the Indian Health Service (IHS), an innovative, dynamic, nationwide organization of dedicated health professionals who work to meet the individual healthcare needs of American Indians and Alaska Natives. We are considerate in our care, creative in our approach, enthusiastic about our work and compassionate with our patients. Our lifestyle is adventurous, community-oriented, and focused on service and problem-solving as part of an interdisciplinary team of clinicians.

Key to an IHS career is eligibility for repayment of your health profession education loans through the IHS Loan Repayment Program (LRP). The LRP provides up to $40,000 in exchange for a two-year service commitment in your health profession discipline at an approved Indian health facility. After completing the initial two-year contract, you may request (annually) an extension of your IHS LRP contract in exchange for an additional one-year service commitment until your qualified loans are paid.

IHS offers three distinct career options — federal civil service, direct Tribal/Urban Indian hire or as an officer with the US Public Health Service (USPHS). Whether you are a physician, nurse, dentist, physical therapist or other health care professional, you will work with the latest technologies and share knowledge with a mutually supportive team that will help you to grow, create solutions and contribute to IHS’ success.

Professionally fulfilling and personally rewarding — visit us online to explore a world of opportunities or email a recruiter. Learn more about the benefits of financial freedom.

Applicants must be US citizens, board eligible and board certified. The policy of the IHS is to provide absolute preference to qualified Indian applicants and employees who are suitable for federal employment in filling vacancies within the IHS. IHS is an equal opportunity employer.

SPAO-HNS Scholarship

The Society of Physician Assistant’s in Otolaryngology offers a scholarship(s) every year for a motivated physician assistant student that is enrolled in a PA or postgraduate program that displays a strong interest in ENT.    Since the scholarship program was initiated in 2005, several scholarship recipients have chosen ENT as their career path.   The number of scholarships and amount of financial award granted may vary from year to year.  A minimum of at least one, $500 scholarship, will be awarded.   The qualifications and requirements for the student scholarship are listed below.  The deadline for all applications is May 1!  This is an excellent opportunity for students to become recognized and receive financial assistance for their hard work and dedication to the field.

To qualify, the physician assistant student must:

  1. Be enrolled in either an accredited PA Program or a post-graduate program.
  2. Demonstrate a financial need (copy of financial aid award letter).
  3. Be in good academic standing (copy of unofficial transcripts).
  4. Be a student member of SPAO in good standing.
  5. Submit a letter from their PA program verifying student status, rotation selection and academic standing.
  6. Submit a letter of recommendation from PA program faculty, instructor or preceptor.
  7. Prepare a short (500 word) narrative explaining their desire to practice in ENT and personal career goals.

Recipients will be announced at the Annual Board Meeting held in conjunction with the American Academy of Physician Assistants Conference each year.   Please visit for more information if needed.

Interested students should contact:
Ryan Marovich, MPAS, PA-C
203 Lothrop Street, Suite 300
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
412-647-2171 (f)

For other Scholarships please visit the Student Financial Aid-Scholarship page.  
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