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Neonatology Research


Our mission is to provide leadership, excellence and rigor in the neonatal research improving the care and wellbeing of babies born in Oklahoma and beyond. We foster a collaborative academic environment supporting innovative research programs spanning basic, translational, clinical and community-oriented aspects of newborn development, health and disease.

Our interdisciplinary research team is comprised of physicians and scientists applying a variety of approaches to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening neonatal diseases. Faculty have a wide range of expertise spanning gastrointestinal immunology, lung development, retinal vascularization, resuscitation, telemedicine, nutritional supplementation, environmental toxicology and cardiopulmonary outcomes. All research faculty in the section are also members of the Center for Pregnancy & Newborn Research, a campus-wide network of partnering researchers investigating the origin and influence of maternal, fetal and neonatal disease, exposure and treatment on life-long health. 

Learn more about our researchers' expertise and programs below. Also visit our PubMed bibliography to see our latest publications.


Peter Vitiello, PhD                                                                             Hala Chaaban
Director of Laboratory Research                                                     Director of Laboratory Research                


The University of Oklahoma 
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