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Clinical Training Overview

Clinical Opportunities

All clinical responsibilities and educational activities are within Oklahoma Children's Hospital
The NICU at Oklahoma Children's Hospital is the area's only 104-bed level IV NICU. We offer our patients therapeutic hypothermia, high-frequency ventilation, NAVA and extracorporeal life support (ECLS) and other advanced treatment modalities. Our clinical services are supported by all pediatric and surgical subspecialties.

Acute Care Teams

  • Fellows lead a team of residents and medical students (West) or neonatal nurse practitioners (East) under the supervision of an attending physician
  • Daily rounding with pharmacists, nutritionists, and other auxiliary medical services
  • Rotation through the teams for 36 weeks during fellowship
  • Collaborate with pediatric and surgical subspecialists

Cardiac Care

Transport, Labor & Delivery, and Consultation Team

  • Attends all high-risk deliveries
  • Consults on families of high-risk infants prior to delivery
  • Organizes neonatal transport calls, including management and triage of high-risk infants and deployment of the neonatal transport team to the entire state of Oklahoma and surrounding areas
  • Collaborates with OBGYN and maternal-fetal medicine

Air Kids One

Neonatal Fellows will be available for:

  • 24 hour case consultations
  • Case Management
  • Deployment of transport team
  • Guidance of treatment in the field

Outpatient Clinics

  • Bridging the care of medically complex NICU graduates in our two outpatient clinics: short-term NICU follow-up (High-Risk Clinic) and neurodevelopmental follow-up (PremieR Clinic)
    • High-Risk Clinic includes management of home oxygen, assessment of need for early intervention services, nutritional guidance, and caregiver support
    • PremieR Clinic encompasses a multidisciplinary approach with neonatology, behavioral and developmental pediatrics, occupational / physical therapy, neurology, NICU dietitians, and social workers