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Clinical Training Overview

Clinical Opportunities

All clinical responsibilities and educational activities are within Children's Hospital
The NICU at Children's Hospital is the only level IV NICU in Oklahoma. We offer our patients therapeutic hypothermia, inhaled nitric oxide, high-frequency ventilation, NAVA and extracorporeal life support (ECLS) and other advanced treatment modalities. Our clinical services are supported by all pediatric and surgical subspecialties.

Acute Care Teams

  • Fellows lead a team of residents and medical students (West) or neonatal nurse practitioners (East) under the supervision of an attending physician
  • Daily rounding with pharmacists, nutritionists, and other auxiliary medical services
  • Rotation through the teams for 36 weeks during fellowship

Cardiac Care

  • Cardiac NICU has 12 designated beds
  • Dedicated team trained to treat babies with cogenital heart diease
  • Daily rounds with cardiology, PICU, and CV surgery
  • 100 infants per year with a with a primary cardiac diagnosis
  • Rotation through the team one block each year
  • The second-year rotation offers experience in the cardiovascular ICU and the operating room

Transition/Labor/Consultation Team

  • Attends all high-risk deliveries
  • Consults on families of high-risk infants prior to delivery
  • Organizes neonatal transport calls, including management and triage of high-risk infants and deployment of the neonatal transport team to the entire state of Oklahoma
  • Leads a team caring for 12-15 lesser-acuity babies under the supervision of an attending physician

Air Kids One

Neonatal Fellows will be available for:

  • 24 hour case consultations
  • Case Management
  • Deployment of transport team
  • Guidance of treatment in the field

Outpatient Clinics

  • Our two outpatient clinics provide training in short-term NICU follow-up (High-Risk Clinic) and neurodevelopmental follow-up (PremieR Clinic) for our high-risk newborns.