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Evaluation Policies and Procedures

At the beginning of the internship year, each intern's past academic training, experience, and skills are examined by the supervising faculty.  The rotation and primary supervisor confers with the intern to evaluate the intern's basic skills and professional aspirations.  The information gained is then used in planning the interns’ training experiences.  As stated earlier, the intern's choices are given significant importance in rotation selection; however, other factors such as funding source, other interns’ preferences, and limitations on the number of interns on any given rotation are considered.    

The intern's rotation supervisors, and others who have professional contact with the intern, evaluate the intern’s performance on each rotation.  Feedback regarding each evaluation is provided to the intern.  

The Psychology Training Faculty (PTF) thinks evaluation supervision is a two-way street and actively seeks regular feedback from the interns concerning their supervision, training activities, and the quality of the seminars.  This information is used to improve the internship experiences.  The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center awards an official certificate to the intern upon successful completion of the internship.