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Application and Selection

Notice - Due to unforeseen circumstances this program has withdrawn from the APPCN Match and will no longer be accepting applications for recruitment for the 2023-2024 Academic cycle. 

Applicants must have completed all requirements of an APA/CPA-approved doctoral program in Clinical or Counseling psychology and a one-year APA accredited clinical internship. Applications will also be accepted from individuals who have completed all requirements of a university based APA-approved program of postdoctoral education for retraining in clinical or counseling psychology. The program must conform to the guidelines established by the APA Council of Representatives. Applications may be considered from graduates from outside the United States or Canada, on a case-by-case basis. We cannot accept candidates from School Psychology programs as we cannot provide appropriate degree congruent supervision or experiences to make that student eligible for licensure.

The program is a full-time 24 month program. All requirements for the Doctoral degree must be completed before the two year Residency can start. Residents may under some circumstances be allowed to participate in Residency activities prior to defending their dissertation, but any participation prior to completing all degree requirements cannot be counted toward meeting Residency requirements and will necessitate extending the Residency time to fulfill the 24 month requirement. The start date of the Residency in Neuropsychology is the last working day of August of the given year. Verification of completion of  all degree requirements is required by your degree granting institution’s Director of Training and/or Departmental Chair or Registrar's Office (transcripts).     

As a member of the APPCN, neuropsychology applicants must register with National Matching Services, Inc. It is recommended applicants register with National Matching Services by January of the year the applicant wishes to apply. Each applicant is to submit a complete set of application material on the APPA-CAS System.  In order to submit your application on the APPA-CAS System please click here.

The following materials will be needed in order to complete the application process and be reviewed:

  1. A letter of interest, clearly stating which training site you are interested in applying to (HSC or VA), including a discussion of career goals.
  2. A dissertation completion status form signed by your dissertation chair or Department Chair doctoral Training Verification form.
  3. Three letters of recommendation.  
  4. A current curriculum vitae.
  5. Two sample de-identified neuropsychological reports.
  6. A copy of your graduate school transcript.

The deadline for the submission of application material is January 4th, 2023. A selection committee will be reviewing each application. We must limit the number of applicants who interview. All site visits and interviews are on an invitation-only basis. All interviews will be conducted on a virtual platform. Interviews will be approximately 30-45 minutes in length. After receiving your application material we will contact selected applicants for an interview. Telephone interviews for invited interviewees are also available upon request. The selection committee will meet and rank applications for the National Matching Service process.