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Undergraduate Medical Education

Medical Student Education in the Department of Psychiatry enlivens all 4 years of medical school. Our courses, taught by a multidisciplinary faculty, include:


Course Director: Afia Sadiq, MD
Course Coordinator: Kelsey Henson, BA
(405) 271-5121, Ext.47663 | Email


Course Director: Stephen Clayton, Jr, MD
Associate Directors: Britta Ostermeyer, MD; Chris Czapla, MD; and Andrei Belousov, PhD.

Neurosciences is a pre-clinical course for second-year medical students. Faculty from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences have an active part in teaching this course: This course introduces students to diverse aspects of the nervous system clinically relevant to neurologic and psychiatric conditions. The focus is on brain structure, function, pathways, and major pathologic conditions. The goals of the course are for students to learn the development, histology, normal physiology, pathology, infectious diseases, clinical presentations of diseases, and pharmacological and other treatments of diseases of the nervous system.


Director: Margaret Lee, MD 
Office: Williams Pavilion, 3rd floor, Rm 3214
Course Coordinator: Lori Nicholson
405.271.4468,  Ext.47685 | Email

Clerkship Syllabus

Clerkship Training Sites


Course Director: Margaret Lee, MD
Course Coordinator: Lori Nicholson
(405) 271-4468, Ext.47685 | Email
Note: Students sign up in May/June for the Fall Semester and in October/November for the Spring Semester.

Inpatient (INDT 9400)

Students will participate in supervised care of patients in a variety of psychiatric inpatient units for 4 weeks. Ages may range from children to elders. Students will learn about biological therapies such as medication management, as well as group and individual psychotherapies and milieu treatments.  Weeks: 4   Max Enroll: 2

Outpatient (INDT 9401)

Students will participate in outpatient psychiatric treatment programs, such as day hospitals, community mental health centers, or psychiatry outpatient clinics. They will learn about pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy (group or individual). Psychiatric conditions and ages of patients treated will vary.

Mixed Inpatient-Outpatient (INDT 9402)

Students will participate in supervised care of patients in inpatient psychiatric units or inpatient medical wards, as well as a variety of outpatient psychiatry clinics. Patients will range in age from children to elders, and psychiatric conditions treated will vary. Students will participate in medication treatments, psychotherapy, group treatments and milieu activities. Weeks:  4   Max Enroll:  2

Sub-Internship Elective (INDT 9403)

The students will have significant supervised responsibility in the care of psychiatric patients on a variety of inpatient psychiatric units or inpatient medical settings. Responsibilities will prepare students for future internship roles, and will be supervised by qualified attending physicians or residents. Patients may be from any age group, and will have a range of psychiatric disorders. Weeks:  4   Max Enroll:  4

Research/Scholarship Elective (INDT 9404)

Under the direction of a faculty member from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, students will create and conduct a research project relevant to the pathophysiology, epidemiology, diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders or mental health in general. The project may involve conducting literature reviews, discussing case management of de-identified patients, conducting surveys, or otherwise generating a project using clinical outcome or patient safety data. When necessary, IRB approval will be obtained.

Off-Campus Elective (INDT 9405)

In designated, affiliated inpatient or outpatient psychiatric facilities in the community or at other approved sites outside OU Health Sciences Center, students will participate in the supervised care of patients with mental disorders. Students may be involved with pharmacotherapy, ECT or other approved biological treatments of mental disorders; individual psychotherapy; group therapy or other milieu therapy such as recreational or occupational therapy.

Special Studies Elective (INDT 9406)

A special studies course is designed to provide an in-depth study of a specific subject in a particular area or discipline for which there is no existing approved course. The purpose of this elective is to allow the student to spend a period of time in full-time study working directly with a faculty member to further enhance the student's research and/or clinical skills. The elective may be repeated with a change of subject matter. Students may write a paper for presentation or publication, or have a more in-depth administrative or clinical experience not encompassed in other courses. Weeks:  2 or 4   Max Enrollment: Requires Special Studies Form for enrollment.


Students interested in a career in psychiatry, or in just learning more about psychiatry, may join the Psychiatry Interest Group (Phebe Tucker, MD, Faculty Sponsor)

For further information, please contact: Lori Nicholson
(405) 271-4468