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Ten Reasons to Train at OU

1. The Atmosphere
Our program is small, with only two fellows each year and offers a family atmosphere. Fellows and faculty see each other every day so we can offer close ongoing mentoring.

2. The Faculty
Our faculty like each other! We are supportive of one another and work well together. This leads to a parallel process of supporting the fellows.

3. The Facilities
Our program is located in five major settings: a university outpatient clinic; the only full childrens hospital in the state; a local non-profit psychiatric hospital (Integris-Spencer); the Oklahoma City public school system, and a diagnostic nursery at the Oklahoma City NorthCare Center.

4. Education vs. Service
Education is a priority. Fellows are treated like junior colleagues. There is time for reading. Up to three months are available for electives.

5. Supervision
Research shows that individual supervision is the most valued component of training. We offer two to three times more individual supervision than required—and more is available.

6. Program Flexibility
Fellows have the opportunity to tailor certain parts of their experience to fit their career goals and interests in addition to the core ACGME requirements.

7. Therapy
Faculty are trained in and interested in psychotherapy, whether it be individual, family, or group. A variety of play, family, and group approaches are offered.

8. Research
While we don’t expect a research project from each fellow, we do expect each to become an expert in some area and to make a formal presentation twice a year at Professorial Rounds. They can take these on the road for job interviews. Some research opportunities are available for fellows who show an interest.

9. High Board Pass Rate
We offer mock board exams and ongoing seminars for written boards. You will be prepared!

10. Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City has been hit less by the recession than many parts of the country. The city’s average household income is above the national level. The largest city in the state, Oklahoma City is located at the crossroads of I-35, I-40 and I-44 in the heart of Oklahoma. The second largest city in the continental U.S. based on geographical size, 1.2 million people call the Metro Oklahoma City area home. With more than a dozen communities surrounding it, Oklahoma City offers a diverse landscape of modern, urban culture and charming, old-fashioned neighborhoods for visitors and residents alike.

Oklahoma City is a vital, activity-filled city that enables its residents to enjoy an exceptional quality of life. The mild climate offers year-round sunshine, with four distinct seasons and an average temperature of 60F /15C. There's minimal traffic congestion and little pollution. Oklahoma City boasts an abundance of arts, excellence in education, a variety of recreational opportunities and an ever-broadening cultural landscape.