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ATS ​Trainee Membership

Deadline: The trainee membership level application can be submitted at two times throughout the year for review.  The first deadline is September 1st and the second deadline is March 1st.

The OU College of MedicineAcademy of Teaching Scholars (ATS) has established a new membership category for trainees, including residents, fellows, medical students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows.  Complete the application, then email it and other requested documents to

Click HERE for the Trainee Membership Application. 

  • Documentation of trainee’s education and training
  • Identification and description of a planned medical or biomedical education project
  • Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows must include the project in their individual development plan (IDP)
  • Identification of a faculty mentor for the project
  • Identification of a sponsoring ATS member if the project mentor is not an ATS member
  • Commitment to present project results at the poster session of the annual ATS Education Research Week
  • Documentation of planned participation in courses, curricula, or other activities related to medical/biomedical education or education research
  • Letter of support from the faculty mentor (Please address letters to ATS Chair, Jason Lees, MD)
  • Letter of support from one of the following: (Please address letters to ATS Chair, Jason Lees, MD)
    • Program Director (residents and fellows)
    • Associate Dean for Student Affairs (medical students)
    • Principal Investigator (graduate students and postdoctoral fellows)

Here is a helpful link titled “Research in Medical Education”: