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BSEB Facilities: Rates, Equipment & Policies

The University of Oklahoma may make its facilities accessible for use for public events that are not sponsored by the University but which further the University's purpose or mission. However, the University first has an obligation to its students, faculty, and staff to accomplish its mission of higher education and secondly to the taxpayers of Oklahoma to protect against property and casualty losses. 

University Purposes: Student clubs and organizations, which are officially recognized by the Educational Services Office, are considered a part of the OUHSC for the use of OUHSC facilities; however, these recognized student clubs and organizations may not necessarily be provided liability protection by the State of Oklahoma for the event itself. 

Non-University Purposes: Non-University sponsored activities are those organized and conducted by non-recognized student groups, community groups, local or national organizations, members of the public, and members of the OU community for non-University purposes. 

BSEB Room Scheduling contact:
Dana Wanzer
BSEB Room 241
(405) 271-2424, extension 46284


DAILY RATES* based on size of group per facility:

Over 300

*Additional fees or costs may apply. Fees subject to change without notice.

While the facility may not necessarily charge a use fee, the facility coordinator must ensure that any additional costs arising from the event (including utilities and clean-up, service department support, equipment or technical support) are paid by the user. The user will be billed for all charges arising from the use of the facility.

For eligibility requirements see Section 124 of Administrative Affairs Policy and Procedures

Room Chart

Room Options West Lecture Hall East Lecture Hall Room 272 Classroom Room 276
Seating Capacity 170 170 52 52
Computer/Internet Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connection for Laptop (PC only) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multimedia Projector Yes Yes No; Television Only Yes
Projection Screen Yes Yes No; Television Only Yes
Chalkboard Yes Yes Yes


Dry Erase Board No No Yes Yes
Sound System (with Wireless Microphone) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Telephone Connection Yes Yes No No
Video Conference Yes Yes No No


Room Information

A/V Equipment
Audiovisual equipment is available free of charge for official OUHSC activities. Non-university groups may be charged.

To request equipment, contact Dana Wanzer, (405) 271-2424, ext. 46284

  • Overhead Projector

Procedures for scheduling for non-university purposes
Please note regarding room scheduling: the Facility Coordinator is the individual responsible for scheduling rooms, and the Facility Manager is the Director of Operations or designee.

  1. Facility Coordinator will complete an "Agreement for Use of Facilities" form including the facility's applicable charges (facility use, equipment and technical personnel support). Charges for security, housekeeping, utilities, etc. must be obtained from the appropriate department(s).

  2. The Facility Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the services of housekeeping and site support, and for providing written notification to Campus Police.

  3. The Facility Coordinator must send the agreement to the Vice President for Administrative Affairs who will sign as the "Authorized University Representative". The signed agreement should remain with the Facility Coordinator and remain on file for three years following the event.

Please observe the following requirements concerning the BSEB lecture halls and classrooms:

  • All lecture halls and classrooms are schedule in 50 minute increments.
  • Make advanced arrangements if you need assistance for AV equipment, special classroom set up, and/or Audience Response System.
  • The group using the room is responsible for clean-up.
  • ONLY pizza, boxed lunches or sandwich/wrap-type trays are permitted. Buffet food isnot permitted.
  • Serving containers must be removed from the room at the conclusion of the session. Carry all food item trash to the dumpster located outside the west basement door. Please leave the table tops clean and clean any spills on the floor.
  • Room furnishings and equipment must be left in order. If you rearrange the room for your session, please put the equipment, tables and chairs back in proper order. The room should be left tidy and ready for the next class.

Additional Use Requirements for Events Scheduled after 4:30 pm or on Weekends:

  • Call Campus Police (271-4300) to gain access to the room
  • Tidy room, put furniture back in order
  • Log off computer, turn off projector, and lights
  • Lock door(s) before leaving for the evening/weekend
  • Food item trash must be taken to the dumpster on the west side of the building (shipping/receiving area).