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Training Sessions & Services

When a training session is not available below, please watch the training videos available HERE.

We recommend starting with User Training Video 1 and continuing with User Training Video 2. Please utilize the other videos available in the same library and the resources available on the Resources tab to the left.

Resources used during the training videos:

CV Quick Guide

Professional Experience Decision Tree

Presentations/ Teaching Decision Tree

Service Decision Tree

Matching Worksheet for after video 1


Training Sessions & Service Offerings

Training Sessions for Data Entry Proxies

Proxies are not faculty but may enter activities for faculty assigned to them by their department user. New proxies are encouraged to take all three sections while those who have been proxies for a while can sign up for sessions as needed.


COM Activity Insight Basics 1

COM Activity Insight Basics 2

COM Activity Insight Basics 3

 * No proxy training sessions will be scheduled for July- September 2024. Please view the training videos linked above instead.*

Training Sessions for Faculty

Especially useful for faculty expecting to go up for promotion or tenure in the near future. Follow the link below to register!

View the most recent Faculty Training session recording here.



No trainings or workshops are scheduled at this time. Please view training videos here.

We have many ways to help you become familiar with the system. If you are interested in any of the options discussed below, please contact Trista Hoehne.

"Department Liaison"

Department liaisons are assigned this status by their department user and are considered the Activity Insight expert for their department. This training is available on an as-needed basis. 


"Department/Section Refresher"

Individual department training sessions are available as needed if your proxies or faculty are already Activity Insight users who just want to brush up on the process or discuss specific scenarios.


"Creating your first professional CV"

Available for residents and fellows who do not use the Activity Insight system but would like some tips on how to create their professional CV.


"Promotion & Tenure Q&A"

The FAPD team will meet with your faculty to do a brief overiew of the P&T process and Activity Insight. The majority of this session is dedicated to the specific questions your faculty have regarding P&T and/or Activity Insight.

You can request that the FAPD team review your draft promotion/tenure narrative or your CV.

*Before requesting a review of your CV in Activity Insight, please make sure to run through the review checklist on your own first.

Complete the CV Review Request Form.