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Well-Being & Engagement


The Oklahoma County Medical Society and the Oklahoma State Medical Association have partnered to provide free confidential counseling sessions to physicians. Click on the image below for more information.

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The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine supports efforts to create a vibrant and engaged faculty. We know that to increase faculty vitality within our organization requires us to pay attention to contextual factors at the individual, institution, and leadership levels. A career in academic medicine should be rewarding. Our goal in Faculty Affairs is to work collaboratively across our organization to effectively address the challenges our faculty are facing. The burnout of our most valuable resource, faculty, is not acceptable.

The following figure illustrates the various contextual factors that can affect faculty vitality, engagement, and well-being. Our plan is to address these factors head on and create or identify resources that will support our faculty, our leadership, and our institution.

Contextual Factors of Faculty Vitality in Academic Medicine


Used by Permission: Shah, TD, et al. Restoring faculty vitality in academic medicine when burnout threatens. Acad Med. 2018;93-979-984.