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10 Step Prescription to Resilience10 Steps to Achieve Resiliency.

Burnout to Resilience: Can You Make the Switch? Fight burnout with practical mental training.

Cultivating Resilience TEDxCortland by Greg Eells (15:18mins)

How Workplace Resiliency Can Work for You Developing Your 5 “Resiliency Assets” (w/ worksheet Developing a Physician Action Plan)

Improving Physician Resiliency Learn how to adapt to and bounce back from the stress of the clinical environment.

Physician Resilience: What It Means, Why It Matters, and How to Promote It This paper provides methods for enhancing individuals’ resilience & directions for future interventions, research, and institutional involvement.

Road to Resilience Developing & using a personal strategy for enhancing resilience

Resiliency and Trainees - LaTasha Craig, MD
Resiliency Quiz
Session video

Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning
Molly Hill, PhD & Alix Darden, PhD, MEd