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The Department of Neurosurgery engages in basic, translational and clinical research aimed at conquering diseases of the nervous system.


OU Brain Tumor Research Laboratories:

Dunn Laboratory

The Dunn Laboratory focuses on tumor genomics, biology, skull base tumor imaging, and clinical outcomes to improve clinical management and patient outcomes.

Morales Laboratory

The focus of Dr. Morales’ work is to understand the DNA damage repair machinery and its dysfunction in tumorigenesis.

Glenn Laboratory

The Glenn group focuses on clinical brain tumor research to improve patient outcomes.

Battiste Laboratory

 Dr. James Battiste, in the neuro-oncology group, is an active collaborator whose group studies tumor invasion and preclinical models of drug delivery and therapeutics.

OU Spinal Cord Injury and Outcomes Laboratories:

Smith Laboratory 

The Smith Laboratory evaluates biomarkers for spinal injury and advanced imaging for diagnosis in patients with cervical spine compression.

Martin Laboratory

Dr. Martin’s group studies fundamental models of spinal cord injury and translational therapeutic applications with contemporary biomedical engineering approaches.

OU Functional and Epilepsy Research Laboratories

Conner Laboratory

Dr. Andrew Conner’s group focuses on utilizing advanced imaging to aid in surgically treating medically-intractable epilepsy.