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Student Modules and Lounges

During the first two years of medical school, student activities at The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine are centralized in the Basic Sciences Education Building (BSEB). Virtually all class-based coursework is provided here.

Each class of approximately 130 students is divided into eight "modules" which serve as their "home" within the BSEB. Here, each student has a desk and personal storage area as well as access to permanent computer workstations. "Module Mates" form an important support structure and rich social network, if not a virtual family for our students. The modules also serve as an important site for small group discussions and many of the student-centered learning activities of the College.  The student lounge, located in the same building, has activities such as a foosball table and large flat-screen TV. Other spaces for studying and lounging include the Boren Lounge, David L. Boren Student Union, Robert M. Bird Library.


Module 1

Module 2