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Resident Resources

Each PGY-2 receives $1000 Loupe fund, and each subsequent year receives an $800 flexible book fund.

Residents have unlimited access to the Skull Base/Temporal Bone Dissection Lab and the Spine Dissection/Instrumentation Lab. Both are fully equipped with necessary equipment for further study and training. Multiple hands-on teaching sessions are held throughout the academic year by various Faculty to help facilitate the development of fundamental operative skills as well as foster an in-depth knowledge basis for neurosurgical operative anatomy.

Residents who have research accepted for presentation at national meetings are allowed to attend at the expense of the department. During the PGY-5, -6, & -7 years, residents are allotted additional 5 days of paid educational leave for participation in educational conferences/national meetings.

Meal cards are issued monthly by the OUHSC-GME, OKC VAMC, and Department of Neurosurgery for use at the various cafeterias on campus.

A cell phone and cellular service is provided by the department for each resident.

Residents are allotted 15 days of paid vacation and 15 day days of paid sick leave per year, not including attendance at national neurosurgery meetings or fellowship interviews.