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MD/PHD Program

The MD/PhD program at the University of Oklahoma is a cooperative venture with the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation and is funded by a generous grant from the Presbyterian Health Foundation. Students participating in this program are concurrently enrolled in the OUHSC's College of Medicine and Graduate College.

Our program is designed to maximize our combined institutional, medical, and research facilities, faculties, and staffs to prepare future physician-scientists for careers in academic medicine and clinical/translational science. 

A unique feature of program is found with the integration of basic science and clinical departments within centers focused on specific diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and autoimmunity.  Each center offers and opportunity for MD/PhD students to bridge basic science research and current clinical problems in their area of interest throughout their predoctoral training.

The competitiveness of our program allows us to identify up to three highly qualified individuals each year who are strongly motivated and committed toward enhancing and advancing their knowledge of medicine through research and clinical exploration.

Applicants accepted into our program receive tuition and a stipend as well as the personal and professional rewards gained through discovery, understanding, and the pursuit of knowledge.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you continued success in your academic and professional endeavors.