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Brachytherapy (Prostate, Eye, Lung etc.)

As part of our commitment to offer a wide variety of the latest treatment techniques, our department, in conjunction with our surgical colleagues, can offer brachytherapy treatments to various sites. Brachytherapy is a well-studied treatment technique that allows a physician to place radioactive isotopes through modern imaging guidance at the site of the tumor, allowing for an increase in the amount of radiation to the tumor with a decrease in dose to the surrounding normal tissues.


We have partnered with the Urology department to provide low dose rate (LDR) brachytherapy to the prostate using Iodine 125 seeds. Our treatment techniques are in line with the national standards, and we have published papers on the success of our individualized treatment approach.


Dean McGee Eye Institute is a nationally renowned ophthalmology department we partnered with to treat certain eye or intraorbital malignancies with eye plaque radiation treatments. This treatment technique places radioactive isotopes against the tumor to increase our ability to give more potent treatment for these specific cancers.


Our department works closely with OU pulmonology to provide endobronchial radiation treatments for lung cancers threatening to close off an airway. We can place potent radiation brachytherapy isotopes with direct visualization done by our Pulmonology colleagues at the site of obstruction to open up airways and improve breathing problems that can occur with these cancers. 

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With a dedicated High Dose Rate (HDR) treatment suite, we are able to provide the gold standard of brachytherapy here at the Stephenson Cancer Center. We have a team of dedicated Physicists, Dosimetrists, Nurses, and Board Certified Physicians ready to perform brachytherapy treatments for Breast Cancer and Gynecologic (cervical or endometrial) cancers. This treatment takes place in a modern surgical suite in our new cancer center that is equipped with anesthesia equipment that allows us to increase patient comfort and monitoring during treatments.