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Mark Allen Everett, MD, Skin of Color Symposium

2025 Mark Allen Everett, MD, Skin of Color Virtual Symposium

Friday, May 9, 2025; 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

More details to come.

For immediate information: contact Residency Coordinator, Renee Wall @


Skin of Color Symposium Speakers

2024 Symposium Speakers

Oluwaferanmi Oyedeji Okanlami, M.D., M.S. - Disabusing DisabilityTM: Demonstrating That DISability Doesn’t Mean INability

Loren Krueger, M.D., FAAD - Recognizing and Managing Disorders in Curly Hair

Klint Peebles, M.D., FAAD - Sexual and Gender Diversity: Considerations for Equity and Inclusion in a Changing Landscape

Shawn Kwatra, M.D., FAAD - Addressing Racial Disparities in Itch

Oma Agbai, M.D., FAAD - Cosmetic Procedures in Skin of Color

Fran Cook-Bolden, M.D., FAAD - Management of Acne and Rosacea in Skin of Color

 Nkanyezi Ferguson, M.D., FAAD, FACMS - Dermatologic Oncology in Skin of Color

Dr. Anisha Bhanot, PGY1 - Wrap Up

2023 Symposium Speakers

Lynn McKinley-Grant, MD, FAAD - As in Life and Death, Skin Colors Matter

Prince Adotama, MD - What's New in Scarring Alopecia in SOC

Alba Posligua, MD - Dermatoses in Native Americans and Hispanics

Hawasutu Dumbuya, MD - Photoprotection Strategies & Benefits for Skin of Color

Aaminah Azhar, MD - Wrap-up

Panel Discussion - Transracial Hair Care - Bridging the Culture Gap

2022 Symposium Speakers

Heather C. Woolery-Lloyd, MD, FAAD - African American Hair and Scalp Disorders

DiAnne S. Davis, MD, FAAD - Lasers in Skin of Color

Joseph R. Monroe, MPAS, PA and Lisa Zickuhr, MD, MHPE - Lupus in Skin of Color

Sacharitha Bowers, MD, FAAD - Unconscious Bias

Susan C. Taylor, MD, FAAD - Racial Limitations of Fitzpatrick Skin Types

Anisha Bhanot, MS4 - Fitzpatrick Skin Type Self-Reporting versus Provider Reporting

Trinitia Cannon, MD - Traveling the Distance: My Journey to Medicine

2022 Skin of Color Panel Discussion - Promoting Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Within an Academic Healthcare System

Sonali Nanda, MD, PGY-2 - Wrap-Up

2021 Symposium Speakers

Maritza Perez, MD - Aging Process Across Ethnic Variations

Ted Rosen, MD - Culture of Skin Lightening

Candrice Heath, MD - Pediatric Dermatoses in Skin of Color

Ginette Okoye, MD - Pseudofolliculitis Barbae / Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Update

Justin M. McLawhorn, MD - Medical Students' Ability to Diagnose Common Dermatologic Conditions in Skin of Color

Pamela Allen, MD - OU Dermatology's Skin of Color 2021

Panel Discussion - Diversity Champion