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Leadership and Involvement

Student involvement enhances the overall medical school experience by allowing students to pursue their interests in interest groups geared toward specific specialties/residencies, non-residency interest groups, class officers, and Student Council. 

College of Medicine Student Involvement

Medical Student Council

The College of Medicine Student Council (StuCo for short) is a self-governing body that represents the medical students. StuCo meets monthly to address needs and issues, coordinate the community outreach program, plan social activities, and manage the student fee budget.

Students also have an opportunity to represent the College of Medicine at national, regional, and local meetings and conferences, including the Association of American Medical Colleges and the American Medical Association.

Interest Groups

StuCo offers both Residency and Non-Residency Interest Groups. Each residency specialty has a Residency Interest Group where they host meetings that explore possible career paths, bring in guest speakers and offer Post-Match advice for other rising classes beginning the Matching process. Non-Residency Interest Groups host meetings that enhance the student experience whether it's philanthropic work, volunteering or joining together with students of similar identities.

Learn more about StuCo and Interest Groups here.

Class Officers

Class Officers serve as a liaison between the College of Medicine staff, the HSC Student Government Association and their class. Officers host social events, plan Match Day and find opportunities for their class to participate in community service.

Learn more about Class Officers here.

Student Representation on Committees

The faculty of the College appreciates the student perspective and actively seeks their input. Student representation exists on six major committees of the College of Medicine:

  • Academic Misconduct Board (10 students are nominated by the Student Council on both campuses from which the Executive Dean selects five to serve one-year terms)
  • Admissions Board (10 fourth-year students and 10 fourth-year alternates are appointed)
  • Pre-Clinical Curriculum Committee (one first-year and one second-year from each campus, elected by their classmates)
  • Clinical Curriculum Committee (one third-year and one fourth-year from each campus, elected by their classmates)
  • Dean's Student Advisory Group (Presidents and Vice Presidents of the four medical school classes and Student Council)
  • Student Appeals Board (10 students nominated by the Student Council on both campuses from which the Executive Dean selects five to serve one-year terms). 

Health Sciences Center Student Involvement

Student Government Association

The OUHSC Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the governing body for the OUHSC Student Association with a  purpose to:

  • Serve as an agency for the maintenance of cordial and cooperative relationships among students, their governing bodies, alumni, faculty, and University administration.
  • Conserve and propagate the ideals and traditions of the health sciences.
  • Promote honesty and individual achievement in academic affairs.

Crimson Club

Designed to preserve and promote the history, traditions, and overall excellence of the University of Oklahoma, the OUHSC Crimson Club is composed of the University's finest student leaders. As campus ambassadors, members represent the University at special events, serve as hosts to visiting dignitaries and special guests, and assist the Office of the President, Office of the Provost, and HSC Student Affairs.