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Grand Rounds

Samis Educational Center Auditorium

Date: 3/22/2023
Socioeconomic and Health Insurance Related Disparities in Outcomes of Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease
N. Taylor Parks, MD
3rd Year Fellow - Gastroenterology
Invited by: Pediatric Gastroenterology
OUHSC Department of Pediatrics
Date: 3/29/2023
Hope at Home: Helping medically complex and technology dependent children thrive outside of the hospital
Theresa M Graif, MD, MCR
Medical Director
Amanda Page, MD
Associate Medical Director
Oklahoma Children's Hospital Transitional Care Unit
and Pathway to Home Program
Invited by: Pediatric Critical Care
OUHSC Department of Pediatrics
Date: 4/5/2023
Chronic Kidney Disease in Children
Nisha S. Singh, MD
Pediatric Nephrologist/Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics
OU TU School of Community Medicine, Tulsa
Invited by: Pediatric Nephrology
OUHSC Department of Pediatrics
Date: 4/12/2023
Public Health, Child Protection, & Prenatal Substance Exposure: Where Policy Meets Practice
Margaret H. Lloyd Sieger, PhD, MS
Assistant Professor of Policy Practice
UCONN School of Social Work
CHF McNeese Family Research Program
Visiting Professor
Invited by: Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics/CCAN
OUHSC Department of Pediatrics
Date: 4/19/2023
QI Collaboratives Happening at Oklahoma Children's Hospital
Christina A. Harris, MD
William C. Hancock, MD
Jamie L. Laughy, MD
Quality Improvements Lecture
Invited by: Pediatric Hospital Medicine
OUHSC Department of Pediatrics
Date: 5/17/2023
Allocating Scarce Medical Resources: Lessons from COVID
Ezekiel Emanuel, MD
Vice Provost for Global Initiatives
Chair of Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy
University of Pennsylvania
Invited by: Chairman's Office
CHF Patricia Price Browne in Biomedical Ethics Lecture
OUHSC Department of Pediatrics
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