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Student Information

As a fourth year medical student, we realize that your time is valuable. We have designed Sub-Internship (Sub-I) opportunities to mimic the field of Family Practice. Like practice, you will be able to design the type of rotation that you desire. Our opportunities include the inpatient service, OB, sports medicine, geriatrics, and clinic sessions at the FMC.

Inpatient Service
The inpatient service is generally staffed with 2 interns, 2 second year residents, 1 third year resident (chief), and, of course, an attending. Students will function as a sub-intern with patient responsibilities. We care for our clinic patients in Presbyterian Tower, Everett Tower, and Children's Hospital. We also take unassigned patients every fourth night at Presbyterian Tower.

An intern working directly with the attending manages the inpatient OB service. The responsibilities include managing urgent care patients, as well as laboring patients. Interns generally work with the PCP with labor and delivery. Once a week, there is an OB intake clinic run by the intern and faculty member. During this clinic, new OB exams are done and the patient is entered into our system. The FMS OB service includes newborn care and assisting in cesarean sections. The students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of this service.

Sports Medicine
Course serves as an introduction to sports medicine for students planning a career in primary care. Emphasis is placed on musculoskeletal clinical skills, diagnosis and treatment of common injuries/diseases.

The rotation will highlight the assessment and the interdisciplinary management of frail older adults. It includes attendance at the geriatric clinic located at OU Family Medicine Center, physician rounds at the Fountains of Canterbury nursing home and assisted living facility, as well as a hospice experience. It may also include home visits and rounds on the geropsychiatric unit at OU Edmond. Individualization of this rotation is encouraged.

Clinic Sessions
The Family Medicine Clinic is a good opportunity to see the variety of the patients we see on a daily basis. Fourth year students are paired with upper level residents or attendings each half day. Students see a variety of common problems in Family Medicine. Responsibilities include history and physicals as well as writing notes. This is also an opportunity to get to know more of the residents and attendings in the program.

For OU students, you may register for these electives through Student Affairs. Ask for FM 9403. Visiting students need to submit an application through VSAS. We will be happy to help you through this process in any way. Dr. Brian Coleman is the faculty contact that arranges the schedules for the Sub-I.

Provides students with a clinical experience in the full spectrum of Family Medicine practice. Rotation focus will be on comprehensive evaluation and management of patients presenting with a broad spectrum of problems in the outpatient setting. Students will work with residents and faculty in the OU Department of Family Medicine Center. Each student should contact the externship coordinator prior to the elective rotation. This will allow each student to focus rotation experience on several available areas of family medicine practice including: obstetrics and women's health, geriatrics, sports medicine, inpatient medicine on the family medicine service, or clinical decision-making.

For more information on the Family Medicine clerkship, please contact Dr. Brian Coleman or Lindsey Rinaldi prior to rotation