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Trilogy - Linear Accelerator

True Beam STX™

“The TrueBeam™ system is the latest advancement in radiotherapy technology from Varian Medical Systems. TrueBeam was developed from the ground up to deliver powerful cancer treatments with pinpoint accuracy and precision.

Treatments can be performed with precision and speed. In fact, most treatments take just a few minutes a day. As well as allowing for a more comfortable patient experience because of less time on the treatment couch, faster delivery also allows for reduced chances of patient motion during treatment.

TrueBeam was designed with many features with the patient experience in mind. With shorter treatment times and quieter operation, TrueBeam provides for a more comfortable environment. Enhanced communication technology enables a constant interaction between the patient and the therapist who operates the equipment. Three closed-circuit television systems enable the therapist to monitor the patient at all times. Music can be played during treatment, helping to increase patient comfort.

This new technology allows OU Medicine to perform fast, precise radiosurgery techniques to treat small tumors in complicated regions with high dose radiation safely and effectively. It combines multiple technologies that allow us to track tumor movement and patient location to increase our ability to target the tumor accurately.

Trilogy Stereotactic System

The Trilogy® Stereotactic System from Varian® Medical Systems is the most advanced, sophisticated machine of its type in the world. Access to this leading-edge technology moves OU Medical Center and its OU Medicine affiliated doctors to a new level of patient care. The Trilogy gives maximum radiation treatment to the tumor, while greatly reducing the radiation delivered to the surrounding normal tissues.

The new Trilogy is equipped with an imaging system that gives your doctor 2-D and 3-D views that allows him/her to precisely locate and target your tumor.

In addition, the system uses computers and movable leaves to create a radiation beam that matches the shape of your tumor from any angle. This reduces the damage to the normal, healthy tissue that surrounds the tumor.

Another advanced feature of the Trilogy known as "respiratory gating," lets it adjust for movement of a tumor cause by your breathing. All these techniques can be customized for each patient, allowing your doctor to treat almost any type and size of tumor anywhere in your body, including your brain.

Linear Accelerators

In addition to the Trilogy, the Center has a pair of platinum series medical linear accelerators by Varian Medical Systems. The Platinum Series Linacs are high-tech machines, created to perform Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and one has been updated to perform image guided radiotherapy (IGRT). These machines are used when the all the advanced technologies of the Trilogy is not required.

Additionally, our physicians and physics staff are involved with patient care at the nearby Oklahoma VA Medical Center helping to deliver the best care possible to our veterans. There they work with the VA’s two linear accelerators; a Trilogy linac similar to the one at the cancer center and a Novalis Tx stereotactic machine.