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As a medical student at the University of Oklahoma, it is a student's responsibility to stay up to date on annual and as needed compliance. Students are required to take steps to ensure they maintain compliance with the rules and regulations that govern medical student education (COM Policy 309).

Students are notified of compliance related issues in the following ways:

  • Email/Texts from Complio
  • Emails from COM Student Affairs Office
  • Alert in PeopleSoft Self-Service Student Login (
  • Communication from Admissions and Records/Financial Aid or other campus offices

Being out of compliance can cause many issues that hinder educational progress including delay in financial aid disbursement, inability to enroll, unenrollment from future courses and restricted access to academic records. Once an item becomes non-compliant, a student will be notified 30 days before an enrollment hold is placed on their account. Some items become non-compliant on the same day each year (June 1) while others become non-compliant on a rolling basis depending on when the original documentation was submitted.

Complio Subscription

Complio is an online system that the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and the College of Medicine uses to track immunization and compliance requirements. Complio will also allow students to have access to their immunization records when they transition from an OUHSC student to a healthcare professional.
Students are required to purchase a Complio subscription.  For updated information regarding pricing, creating an account, and changing your name in Complio, please visit the OUHSC Complio website. New medical students should review the information under Criminal Background Checks prior to purchasing their subscription.


Annual Compliance

Criminal Background Check (CBC)

The “Criminal Background Checks Policy for Current Students and Conditionally Accepted Applicants-Health Sciences Center” Policy (OUHSC Faculty Handbook, Appendix C) requires that all conditionally accepted and enrolled HSC students complete an annual criminal background check (CBC) from an approved vendor. Any student who has a break in enrollment may be required to complete a CBC before the student is permitted to re-enroll in any courses. The University considers a student on a Leave of Absence to be in continuous enrollment.

New Students 

A criminal background check is completed during the Admissions process. Incoming students do not need to complete an additional background check through Complio. When creating your new Complio account, you do not need to complete a background check. 

Current Students

For returning students, a background check (and UDS) should be conducted annually through Complio. These generally are returned within 10 business days. Detailed information on how to complete a background check can be found on the Complio home screen under Training. There is an additional cost associated with both the background check and urine drug screen.

(COM Policy 320)

Urine Drug Screening (UDS)

Urine Drug Screens (UDS) are required annually for all OUHSC students (OUHSC Student Handbook 2.8). As applicable, students/accepted applicants who do not pass the drug screening may be unable to complete degree requirements or may be denied admission to or suspended or dismissed from the degree program. Students and accepted applicants must pay the cost of the drug screenings.

New and Current Students

All students will complete this annual required through Complio and their LabCorp partner sites. Detailed information on how to complete this can be found on the Complio home screen under Training. There is a cost associated with both the background check and urine drug screen.

For returning students, this annual requirement is completed in the Spring term.

Students who receive negative-dilute results are expected to re-test and pay the additional expense. To avoid a negative-dilute result, consume minimal liquid 6-8 hours before the test and avoid caffeine or soda.

Students who have concerns about the results of their drug test should contact the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Bursar Financial Responsibility Agreement

All students will be required to sign (acknowledge) the Financial Responsibility Agreement annually. Continuing students will be alerted in March/April that their upcoming Fall enrollment will be held until the agreement is signed. New students will receive notification it is available for them to sign once the Registrar’s Office has them term activated for the Fall term. Holds are removed automatically. This compliance item is completed through the Student Self-Service portal under the “To Do” section (right side of the home screen).

OnPoint Trainings

The following trainings are required annually and are offered on

  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Training
  • Blood-Borne Pathogen (BBP) and Tuberculosis (TB) Training

First time users must register for both trainings. The trainings should be located on the Library tab on the OnPoint homescreen. They may also be located under Required Trainings

Annual reminders will be sent when the trainings are near expiration.

Training certificates are e-mailed from OnPoint upon completion and should be uploaded to the appropriate section in Complio.

For questions, contact the Office of Compliance at (405) 271-2511.

TB (PPD) Screening

New Students

New students are required to have a TB Skin test within the 12 months prior to beginning their College of Medicine coursework. TB Skin tests can be completed with your Primary Care Provider or the Student Health Clinic. Once completed, upload the result to the appropriate section of Complio.

Current Students

For returning students, an annual TB screening questionnaire can be completed in lieu of the test. This should be uploaded to the appropriate section of Complio.

Influenza Vaccination

The flu vaccine is a requirement at many hospitals and clinics affiliated with the College of Medicine. In order to remain compliant, students must complete one of the following options between September 1 and October 31 of the current academic year:

  1. Attend a College of Pharmacy Influenza Vaccination Event held weekly across campus in September and October. Information on dates and locations will be sent via email. Students should bring their student badge to receive the vaccine free of charge.
  2. Get a flu shot at any campus pharmacy location.
  3. Go to any pharmacy and maintain proof of vaccine (should include student name, vendor, name of vaccination, date of vaccination).
  4. Submit a declination form. Declinations will only be accepted for philosophical/religious beliefs prohibiting vaccination or allergic/medical contraindication to receiving the vaccine. This option will require students to wear a mask at participating hospitals or clinics for the duration of flu season (November 1 - March 1).

Upload the vaccination documentation to the correct location in Complio and the item will be automatically cleared.  The documentation should include your name, vendor, name of vaccination and date of vaccination.


College of Medicine students are required to review the following documents/resources annually. These must be reviewed at the beginning of each academic year. Students are asked to attest (in Complio) that they have reviewed each of the following:

For incoming students, these must be completed by the end of Prologue or they will be considered out of compliance.

For returning students these items expire annually on June 1st in order to keep everyone current during critical portions of the curriculum.

Contact Information

Students are required to maintain updated contact information (home address, current address, home number, email addresses, phone number). This information is updated in Student Self-Service and attested in Complio.

All Other Compliance


HSC program students who have patient-facing responsibilities are required to receive immunizations to protect patients and other health care providers. The University recognizes that vaccine requirements in certain University settings, in particular patient care settings, are both prudent and important. Vaccine requirements will be updated as appropriate, based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as medical and public health officials.

All required immunization records should be submitted on Complio.

  • TB Screening obtained within the last 12 months (new students only)
  • TB Screening Questionnaire (current students only)
  • COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Hepatitis B (or positive titer)
  • MMR (or positive titers)
  • Tdap (within the last 10 years)
  • Varicella (or positive titer)
  • Flu vaccination (annual, September through October)

For more information about required vaccinations or declinations, click here or call the Student Health Clinic at (405) 271-9675.


CPR Training

All medical students are required to maintain current certification in Basic Life Support (BLS). BLS certification remains current for two years. Incoming students should take a BLS course prior to beginning coursework (but no earlier than May). Students will re-certify between their second and third year (May-June).

Students in the M.D. programs of the OU College of Medicine are not required to obtain or maintain Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification, however, students who participate in an off-campus visiting elective at another intuition may be required to have ACLS certification by the institution they will be visiting.  It is the student's responsibility to know the school's requirements and comply.

The costs associated with BLS and ACLS certifications are the responsibility of the student. The cost of these certifications will be included in the student's financial aid package. Documentation should be uploaded to Complio.

COM Policy 310

Student Health Insurance

All students enrolled in OUHSC programs must purchase the OUHSC Student Health Insurance Plan or submit a waiver to show alternative coverage via the Student Health Insurance waiver program each semester of enrollment (Fall, Spring, Summer).

Enrollment forms and the Summary of Benefits for the Academic HealthPlans Student Health Insurance Policy are available online at or at HSC Student Affairs in the HSC Student Union, Suite 300. If you are enrolling in the OUHSC Student Health Coverage through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, Needle Stick Coverage is included and does not have to be purchased separately.

To begin the waiver process, please visit: If submitting a waiver, students are encouraged to purchase the Stand Alone Needle Stick Coverage.

For information about Academic HealthPlans, the waiver process, or Needle Stick insurance, click here.

A Note about Needle Stick Insurance:

  • Needle stick (blood-borne pathogen exposure) insurance is strongly recommended and available as a separate policy through the Academic Health Plan’s insurance company at, if not already a component of the student’s current health insurance plan. (COM Policy 309)
  • Those students who have health insurance outside of the student health insurance plan should check with their insurance carrier to see if their current policy includes needle stick coverage. If this is not an included benefit, it is strongly recommended to purchase a separate needle stick policy through the Academic Health Plan.

Blood-Borne Pathogen Exposures

A student (including a visiting student) exposed to a blood or body fluid during the regular work week should report the incident immediately to the Course Director and seek care at the Student Health Clinic, with no cost to the student. A student exposed at an off-campus medical site or after hours should present immediately to the Emergency Department in the facility where the exposure occurred, with charges billed to the student’s health insurance. At the next available opportunity, the affected student should report the incident to the Student Health Clinic for follow-up care. 

Oklahoma City
Student Health Clinic
OU Physcians Building
825 NE 10th Street | Suite 4A
Monday - Friday | 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Student Health Service
OU-Tulsa Student Affairs
4502 E. 41st Street | Room 1C76
Monday - Friday | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m