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Resident Education

Noon Conference

The Internal Medicine and Pediatrics residency programs run educational conferences at noon on all weekdays. Med-Peds residents attend an equal amount of these conferences, and we have our own Med-Peds noon conference every Friday.Internal Medicine and Pediatrics conferences include didactic sessions led by attending physicians in general practice and sub-specialties, case reports presented by residents and led by faculty in the respective department, and other large-group educational experiences.

Med-Peds conference (pictured below) is one of our favorite educational activities. As we are a smaller group than the two categorial residency programs, we have more interactive and in-depth discussions, and this conference also allows us to build camaraderie by meeting as a program weekly. Our conferences consist of highly interactive case presentations, morbidity and mortality discussions, and guest lectures that can have a unique med-peds application.

Y-week Educational Sessions 

During their Y-weeks, Med-Peds residents have three main educational sessions. We join the Pediatrics residents in their ambulatory pediatric didactics, as well as their advocacy education. We also have a dedicated Med-Peds educational half-day every Y-week, where we learn about addiction medicine and spend the rest of the morning doing interactive activities like journal club, “chalk talks,” and an annual QI project.

Resident Presentations

Case Report Conference

Throughout residency, our Med-Peds residents have ample opportunity to give formal presentations. These include:

  • Case presentations, morbidity and mortality, journal clubs, and “chalk talks” during our Med-Peds conferences and Y-week sessions
  • Case presentations for the Pediatrics residency program
  • Case presentations and didactic lectures for the Internal Medicine residency program
  • Several opportunities to give presentations towards the end of subspecialty rotations

Research Opportunities

The University of Oklahoma has numerous faculty members actively involved in both basic science and clinical research. Residents are encouraged to pair with a mentor in their particular interest to facilitate research projects and eventual publications.

Locally, we have yearly conferences including the Stewart Wolf House Staff Research Forum (Internal Medicine) and Pediatrics Research Day, for which residents are encouraged to submit posters and papers.

Our residents also regularly present at regional and national conferences including American College of Physicians, Southern Regional Meetings, and various subspeciality conferences.